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Air Streaking

Because of my moving apartments this past weekend I am catching up to this week's shit, but here is the run down of what I've actually gotten a chance to watch thus far... Demon King 05 continues outlining a plot that pretty much tells you that [...]

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Black Magicks

B Gata H Kei is like trying to watch a camwhore on the Internet, they want it so bad, but they're just one big tease that doesn't understand the meaning of TITS OR GTFO. What's sad here is that of the other two major female characters who actually [...]

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rebels against the god

So half of the new season has started and it's a pretty decent start I must say. Here are the first three entries to the plate: Angel Beats looks to be pretty promising this season based on the first episode, kid finds himself in the "afterlife" [...]

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Spring 2010 V2

Version Two of the Spring chart is out, which is more or less dates and minor changes. Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor - 3/26 I vaguely remember the first and I dunno if there were others, it's labeled as the "fourth" so I dunno, but as I recall, [...]

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Spring 2010

Spring 2010 looks pretty bleak at the moment, K-ON! Season 2, I suppose I should and should not expect that. Another Ikkitousen would probably be worth a watch, but here is what I'm pulling out so far: Angel Beats Aside from being written by KEY, [...]

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