rebels against the god

So half of the new season has started and it’s a pretty decent start I must say. Here are the first three entries to the plate:

man I hope I wake up next to a chick with a gun in the afterlife
makes me wonder why she never took the shot?

Angel Beats looks to be pretty promising this season based on the first episode, kid finds himself in the “afterlife” which seems to be a school where Angels and God erase those who don’t conform to some standard, I think. It seems to have a lot of Matrix-esque overtones to it, which should prove to be interesting. The main cast of characters in the “Like-Hell-I’m-Dead Battlefront” includes a Haruhi-type leader, Yuri, there is what appears to be an “American”, TK, who speaks English it seems, several mysterious females, and other sorts of characters. The Angels themselves, only one has appeared so far, and seems to use swords quite fiercely.

In summary: Girls. Guns. Angels. Haruhi-type, Kyon-type. Guns. Girls. Girls. Guns. Awesome.

Sub Group: Mazui
First Rating: 7.5

i know where you are going with this, don't judge me
stomach rubbing eh?

B Gata H Kei is going to fill that “What the fuck is this?” slot for this season, replacing probably Chu-Bra and Ladies X Butlers in a bizarre fashion, the girl wants to have sex with 100 different guys just because, but on her first guy, can’t seem to get out of the starting box, thus creating the “awkward moment” moment where you are starring at the screen and wondering what the hell you are watching. This will either get marginally better, or trainwreck into terrible.

Sub Group: Coalguys
First Rating: 6 my pants...
oh it's awoken alright...

ichiban ushiro no dai maou seems to be replacing Ladies X Butlers almost verbatim, complete with a unfortunate guy, a tsundere girl, several other guys and girls, and a series of unfortunate events, in a magic school. It has a Zero no Tsukiama and Harry Potter kinda touch to it as well, as any “magic school” series is these days. But this may prove to be fairly interesting depending on where it goes, and seriously, rope-thong underwear? Whew!

Sub Group: Ryuumaru
First Rating: 7

I’ll be adding Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor to the list probably next week as I am in the process of finishing Great Guardians. Ryofu’s not dead? Oh what a twist!

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