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100% tsun 0% dere

~/o Twenty percent tsun, fifteen percent dere, one hundred percent concentrated power of will ~/o This week's lot was rather dull, either because of the holiday or Japan skipped out on cool shit. So I'm condensing this down a tad.. Ore no Imouto [...]

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Starlight Breaker

From what I figure, I've watched a lot of anime. More than probably anybody should. Yet when someone asks me favorites, of everything I have seen in almost every genre type, a handful stands out in my mind as being the best to me. Magical Shoujo [...]

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This is Delicious Cake

I often sit back and reflect upon all that I've watches recently and think "Man, Japan loves lesbian overtones in their anime." I then promptly shrug and continue watching. I am a guy after all. Not like yaoi fangirls wonder the same thing about [...]

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