100% tsun 0% dere

~/o Twenty percent tsun, fifteen percent dere, one hundred percent concentrated power of will ~/o

This week’s lot was rather dull, either because of the holiday or Japan skipped out on cool shit. So I’m condensing this down a tad..

No wonder you dress like a farm girl out of the 80's
You sneaky bitch

Ore no Imouto 09: Honestly, I’ve started to wonder where this series is heading to. They inserted a completely random and seemingly useless episode last about her novel/anime, where the only useful part was when Kuroneko trashed it down, told us why anime has failed the boat lately, and then accepted defeat to build it back up again. Now we shift to the Great Adventures of Kirino Fapping to Eroge Games. We do get treated to a small look at the daily lives of Kuroneko and Saori, and behold, Kuroneko has sisters and lives in a modest home, and Saori is a rich girl, putting Kirino somewhere in the middle class-wise. The maid outfits allude to some sort of nefarious next episode no doubt.

My guess is this series will, by the end, show you that weeaboos are still weeaboos, Kirino is a fantastic bitch, and Kyousuke should have stuck to fucking Neighbor-girl or Kuroneko while the getting was good.

I'd bury anything in those. Seriously.
Misfortune? You are such a bastard Touma. Such a bastard indeed.

Index II 08: What is with this chick’s huge-ass tits? I know this series is one for fanservice but those physics look even weirder than normal. Still, this episode doesn’t do much beyond fanservice and some development into the next episode, but I was hoping for a little more Misaka and Kuroko action, or Last Order and Accelerator. The blond with the tits has shown up though, so more LOL MAGICIANS I guess for the next episode. Never a dull moment here.

MM! 09: A Ruri body pillow? Interesting choice for this series, I had thought maybe it had something to do with Omi Minami (Ruri’s VA in Nadesico) but she isn’t listed in the series, so maybe it’s a homage to someone who is on staff for MM!? Dunno. Anyway, glasses girl’s love for Mio was the most amusing part of this episode. Not much else to detail.

Sora No Otoshimono Forte 09: Two serious episodes is about all they could muster before going back to fanservice-laden episodes revolved around torturing Tomoki to death. I dunno about anyone else, but I’ve actually gotten rather annoyed with Sohara’s character overall. I understand she is the less obvious tsundere-type, especially for Tomoki, but she pretty much wants him to rape her six ways of Sunday and yet saves face to everyone else like she does not, physically abusing him. I personally hate girls like that, it’s just a personality turn-off. But hey, this is anime, so not going to mix my 2D and 3D preferences here.

Panty and Stocking 09: Beach volleyball match with Scanty and Kneesocks, and Stocking’s love for a farting Ghost. Not their best episodes but that’s how they roll.

EditOtome Youkai Zakuro 09: I bumped this series up to a 9 rating because honestly, I’ve been warming up to it over the past 5 episodes where other series have been stalling until their final episodes, this series has just been building upon the last after getting a somewhat slow start. This episode wasn’t as strong as previous ones, but any episode where Zakuro is going to “bewitch” you is worth it. Not to mention Bonbori and Hozuki. HHHHNNNGGGGG.

Also, finally released is the BD/DVD version of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha: The Movie 1st

Oh shit son, you're gonna get friended. Hard.

I’ve panned/scanned through some of it and watched the battle scene between Nanoha and Fate, plan to give the whole movie a proper watch tonight or tomorrow See edit below, but I can tell you that this is a damn awesome retell of the first series. I’m a bit mixed on the slight wardrobe change but extended Raising Heart and Bardiche voiceovers and other special effects grossly make up for any of that and more. I might see if I can grab a 1080p BD version of this and watch it on the TV, this might be that epic.

Edit: Fucking. Awesome. Second movie based on A’s is fucking where? Even in 720p on my TV it was delicious beyond belief. Story-wise, they took the first series and cut out some of the filler, but expanded upon some of the key elements of the story, being Precia Testarossa’s backstory and how it played into Fate’s story. The battle scenes were fantastic and I actually enjoyed the rather expanded role Raising Heart got in helping train Nanoha’s mage abilities, it rather shored up much of the story in the explanation department.

A thread was going on earlier on /a/ about the movie and if they plan to make two more based on A’s and StrikerS, what they will include. A’s was largely filler-free in most respects, they laid out a pretty straight story, though you can probably do away with the Fate dream-trap and several other non-essentials, but if they are going to add content, I hope they go more into Hayate’s backstory and maybe even The Knights. They briefly touched on it in the series. The final fight with Yami no Sho also could be a bit different and less beam spam. As for StrikerS, reducing the training scenes and cutting out some of the other bloat and sticking to the story would make it an awesome movie, as most people’s gripes about StrikerS is how they padded a lot of the episodes with training and SoL-type scenes, which I didn’t mind, and really it’s unfair for fans to compare a 26 episode series to 13’s such as Lyrical and A’s. But I can see where they are coming from.

Also here is to hoping that Vivid or Force gets animated, because we could use some new Nanoha in a sea of otherwise moe and JC STAFF series.

Finally I want to do a few classic reviews this week, notably Ghost in the Shell: The Stand Alone Complex, and Soul Eater that I recently re-watched. If you got any ideas for series I should rewatch/review, I’m off work this week, I might oblige.

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