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girls just wanna.. er.. look at each other... before have fun?
girls just wanna.. er.. look at each other... before have fun?

I often sit back and reflect upon all that I’ve watches recently and think “Man, Japan loves lesbian overtones in their anime.” I then promptly shrug and continue watching. I am a guy after all. Not like yaoi fangirls wonder the same thing about Gundam series. Wonder if they think that about the originals though. Bright Noa and Amuaro? OH YES SIR, BRIGHT SLAP ME SOMEMORE.

That was a terrible idea.

Anyway, I haven’t gotten to watching stuff in awhile, I downloaded everything, but between work, a job interview, my girlfriend’s surgery, and Borderlands/WoW, I seem to be forgetting to sit down and watch anime. I did however hit this week’s Kampfer and Railgun as I was eating lunch, and not much new there. Kampfer threw another crazy probably-lesbian into the fray and kinda touched on some sort of LOL PLOT which I doubt will go anywhere unless this is a 26 episode series, for which I will be surprised. Railgun of course continues to be my favorite series of this season with the LEGENDARY BADASS Misaka and teleporting lesbian Kuriko. Still wondering what they’re going to do with this “side-story” from Index, I want to figure based on the OP that it’s going to deal with the creation of the The Sisters and Last Order, hopefully with more Last Order since they didn’t give her much screen time in Index and she was the cutest of The Sisters and their third-person speech.

No new Shana S either this week, dunno how that is working. I keep hearing rumors of a third season but I can’t sort the trolling from the non-trolling in /a/ with all the other shitstorming happening there.

Speaking of trolling, /a/tards also keep saying the Nanoha movie is cancelled even though I find no such mention of it on Wiki, ANN, or any other anime news site. I’m looking forward to the PSP game honestly, but movie = very yes.

Eventually I’ll wall up something more substantial than this. Borderlands however, consumes me.

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