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Giving Her Away

It's pretty clear in this season that animators are leaving 12/13 episode series open or blatantly obvious for sequels, as if they need a validation from the viewer to green light that second season, rather then simply tying up the loose ends and [...]

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Size Does Matter

Strike Witches S2 continues it's mix of story and fanservice in introducing a new witch who appears for one episode to taunt Barkhorn and Hartman and team up with Hartman to take out a Neuroi that was covering a town, but forgot to cover the sea [...]

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B.B Hood

Before I start, a note for the saimoe tourney, more results for the first pres can be found here. It's gonna be another Saki year from the looks of it, but Nanoha, Hayate no Gotoku, and other past heavies are also in, as well as new heavies such as [...]

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