Before I start, a note for the saimoe tourney, more results for the first pres can be found here. It’s gonna be another Saki year from the looks of it, but Nanoha, Hayate no Gotoku, and other past heavies are also in, as well as new heavies such as Railgun, Baka to Test, Nyan Koi! and Working!. Gonna be a fun year. I am working on what could be an HTML format this year for my favorites tracking through the first rounds, then a graphical format for the finals, testing it with the results from last year, plan to have that live before the start of the main tourney. Stick around for results from the second prelims to see who else we can play with.

Notice how they say something similar to Blue Cosmos tagline in SEED:Destiny?

Asobi ni Iku Yo starts off like Metal Gear Solid 2, ON A BOAT MOTHERFUCKER. Ahem. You see some people talking on radios and computers followed by some chick in a powered suit attacking a ship for some reason. Then the serious business switches to stupid comedy in the form of a cat girl with huge tits showing up out of nowhere at a funeral reception. From there you get tit jokes, alien stories, tit envy, and then more girls with guns communicating with Anonymous. This series gives me a Full Metal Panic kind of feel to it, but I’d like to see where this is going. I also saw rumor of an uncensored version on /w/ I need to confirm this.

Sub Group: Ayako/SubDESU
First Rating: 7

I often wonder why Japan thinks this kind of stuff if... I dunno... appropriate? But then I don't care that much.
Ooh, ooh, I know! My ex! Oh that was in poor taste. I apologize. Sorta.

Seitokai Yakuindomo 02 pretty much cements this series as sort of a 4koma on wheels in the respect that much like how Azumanga Daioh became an anime, it’s a lot of gag-jokes in one episode separated by bumps. In America, this is Adult Swim only with stoner television to placate the Taco Bell-loving stoner crowd at 2am. SY pretty much is the life of student council members while telling dirty jokes. I imagine this will be my filler series for the season, one of those things you watch for a giggle or two. Much like Seitokai no Ichizon except they might’ve had better characters.

Slippy done told her.

K-ON!! 14 involves running, and running, and running, and Yui falling, and running, and cake, and running, and Yui again, and running, and running, and Mio doing a barrel roll.

Ookami Vs. Capcom 2: Red Riding Hood Battle

Ookami 03 goes Swimsuit Edition as we do the cliche MISS — CONTEST and also show how little fat girls grow up to be pretentious beauties when motivated by other pretentious beauties of the opposite sex. Oh, and two lolis cannot be present on the same show, the president can crossdress for recon, Mad Scientist has a fascination for lizards, and… oh hell, what am I even talking about?

Not pictured is Strike Witches 2 02 which basically in a nutshell brings the 501st back together through destroying a Neuroi.

Last but not least, shout out to anyone going to Comic Con, hope all sorts of awesome happens. One of these years I will be able to travel out there for one, just to say I’ve been there once. As for Otakon coming up soon, screw that shit. That con has gotten bigger than I care for, and unless 4chan is going to troll it again any time soon, no interest in going really.

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