Infinite Waltz

In the twenty years since Gundam SEED was last on the air, there has been a lot of new and interesting Gundam. But don't let that stop Bandai and Sunrise from cashing in on some nostalgia. /m/en and wo/m/en, fest your eyes on Gundam 00:SEED-Endless Waltz, or something. Even Cagalli is skeptical.


In a cyberpunk dystopian universe written by people who can't stop thinking about late-stage capitalist cyberpunk dystopian universes, a kid has a really bad day. It only gets worse.
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Dysfunctional Families

No matter if you're a hardcore X-MEN fan, or just a fan of the classic 1993 animated series, XM97 will completely blow you away with how much its creator and writers care about the source material and their audience, while keeping its ethos intact. X-MEN was always woke, even if Magneto was right.
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Page Me Wolverine

In this action-packed, [CYCLOPS_VISOR_NOISE_97.WAV]-buzzing two-episode premiere, Marvel Animation Studios reminds you whose the fucking boss of superhero cartoons in the greatest comic franchise to be animated. Again. For like, the fifth time?