It’s fairly reasonable to assume that listening to /a/ for anything is a serious waste of your mental capacity. However, listening to a bunch of trolls go head over their heels about fansub groups, what series they are watching this season, what series they hate, and EVERYTHING IS RUCKY STARO can be very amusing.

gg is one of those groups that I’ve come to love for two reasons, one they sub most of the shit I actually want to watch, and two they are also -chan trolls with enough sense of humor to not take their shit seriously. The only downside is, if they decide they don’t like something enough to continue doing it, they drop it. While I understand people have different opinions about their Japanese cartoon porn, if you don’t like it, don’t start subbing it and then drop it a few episodes in because it wasn’t what you expected. WAH EVERYTHING IS MOEBLOB. God, shut the fuck up, just because there is not GEASS or GUNDAM this season doesn’t mean there isn’t a few good things this season. Besides, episode one guys, give it some time.

Anyway, continuing from my previous post on 2009 impressions, I got a hold of Nyan Koi! and Seitokai no Ichizon and gave them a watch.

Nyan Koi! seems like it will be just an awful lot of random fun with cats. I mean, basically you have a kid allergic to cats who pissed off a cat god and can now understand cats and has to grant them wishes or he will turn into a cat. It’s like watching one of your allergic cat friends come into your apartment of four cats and suffocate to death, except in anime form and with talking cats.

Sub Group: gg
First Rating: 7

Seitokai no Ichizon is… er… this one is gonna be rollin deep in troll a little. Basically, think of every “single room” anime you’ve seen recently. Yeah, like Haruhi, K-ON!, Saki, Kannagi, any series that uses ONE SINGLE ROOM as the focal point of the series, typically a club room or Student Council room, where most of the series takes place in. Add moeblob, tsundere, loli, tits, and a random guy and you have this series, except that in RUCKY STARO fashion it parodies other anime, anime cliches, and the male character spends the entire episode talking about creating a harem LIKE ONE OF HIS JAPANESE ANIMES PORN GAMES. I’m not calling this one dropped yet, because it was pretty funny and I don’t mind LOL SO RANDOM moeblob once and awhile, but there really isn’t much I can write on this series in the future that isn’t going to be some quirky one-liner about “flat-chests”

Sub Group: gg
First Rating: 7

Still waiting on the bakery one and the fighting librarians or whatever, so far this season isn’t super awesome or anything, really Kampfer and Railgun are the two top watches out of the lot this season I am really going to follow, besides Shana S. Everything else is pretty much to trainwreck that shit up.


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