So I was able to grab a couple of the new season premieres earlier today and I’m fairly impressed with what I am seeing. Almost.

Shugo Chara Party!… if you love Japanese girls cosplayed as all of Amu’s forms running about 30% of the show in live action, this shit is right up your alley, unfortunately, it really isn’t for me. I knew the format of the show would be different but I guess I should have figured this would happen. The show opens with live action sequences, a couple CG sequences with Ran, Miki, Su, and Dia, and then more live action. The second half of the show is an actual episode, so pretty much it’s a third series with a bunch of other elements. More live action at the end. I also noticed that they were looking for schoolkids local to the area for probably what I assume to be live action stuff for future episodes, so I’m pretty sure this series is going to be 50% extra shit and 50% actual Shugo Chara series. I could honestly just cut out the other shit and be fine with it, really.

Sub Group: Horriblesubs (Waiting to see if KiraKira picks up)
First Rating: 6

Kampfer looks pretty damn good, guy turns into a girl, more girls, terrible sexual references, fights, weapons, stuff blowing up, strange plushie-talking-kons, and the overall impression that this is going to be fuckwin awesome as it goes on. I can dig this, and digging I shall. No other words are needed.

Sub Group: gg
First Rating: 8

A Certain Scientific Railgun if you are already familiar with Index then this will simply be more awesome for you, if you are not familiar with Index, from the looks of it, you don’t have to be. They pretty much spend the first episode introducing you to who you will be paying attention to for the rest of the series, and further demonstrating just why Misaka is terribly awesome. Add some light lesbian, lots of explosions, and you’ve got yourself an afternoon with Espers.

Sub Group: Mazui
First Rating: 8

I am still waiting on subs for Nyan Koi! (fucking trolls put out a raw labeled as subbed, word is Yuurisan-Subs is picking it up) and Yumeiro Patissiere airs today I think, so a couple days for subs on that as well. Also going to hit up /a/ and Chartfag again and see if there is anything else I should be watching. In the meantime, I am digging backwards as usual and doing up the second and third Minami-ke as well as finishing up Index and probably doing my quarterly catch-up on Bleach.

Update 10/04/09: gg picked up Nyan Koi! so giving that a watch tonight, hopefully they’ll continue doing that and Kampfer (which I guess they think is terrible but lol fansubber opinions amirite?) Raws are out for Yumeiro Patissiere but no word on who is subbing that yet, and also adding Seitokai no Ichizon, and Bantora (fighting librarians or whatever) to the watch list. /a/ trolls seem to think Seitokai is another Lucky Star, if it is, so what, I actually like moeblob anime for not being srsbins that I can just enjoy for being LOL SO RANDOM.

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