Not Quite Dead Yet

wasn't that golem a girl originally though?

Not that you really missed me or anything, I am prone to disappearing from time to time, though never really completely from the Internet. Between my girlfriend’s surgery and recovery, Borderlands, and WoW, I’ve been keeping busy.

However I can at least summarize what I watched from last week’s lot of crap.

Shana S: I totally expected some better awkward moments with the body swap, srsly. But it’s still Shana, and awesome. Hope the third season comes out after the OVA.

Kampfer: This isn’t “Series of the Year” or anything, but it’s cheesy, campy, and the sexual innuendos are pretty funny. I’m hoping the GRIMDARK LOL plot surfaces here pretty soon though, while I enjoy what I see, it also confuses me where it’s going.

Railgun: This is so far my favorite series of the current season, it’s like Index but without Index and a lot of the other junk. As long as MISAKA and Last Order makes an appearance at some point, this series will win hard. Last Order didn’t make nearly enough screen time in Index.

Nyan Koi!: Former Amazon-woman’s tits are hueg liek xbox, srsly. I can see they’re leaning towards harem anime on this one, harem both in women and cats. Still, probably my second favorite of the season for random.

Yumeiro Patissiere: When they say Shugo Chara with cake, it’s about right, but I’ll admit if they continue this predictable episode format of 1. Announce pastry to make 2. Ichigo fucks it up 3. Ichigo cries 4. Fairy kicks her shit in gear 5. Ichigo gets it right it’s gonna be worse than the episodic format of House. But still decent stuff.

Notice I am not writing about Shugo Chara! Party! That’d be because I haven’t watched it. Frankly for less than 10 minutes of actual anime content, I might just watch them in batches of 10. Or just drop it and watch the batch at the end. Peh.

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