So she's like Cameron in House? But has a tsundere twin? /awesome/

In the pile of stuff I am trying to ford through during food breaks, Railgun and Nyan Koi continue to stay ahead of the pack. Kampfer is okay, but frankly it is less story and more lesbian almost-sex, which is fine I suppose. Nyan Koi however bumped up with these two delicious twintail girls in Ep. 6, and you know how much I love twintails, right behind glasses and tsundere-type.

No new Shana yet, which is largely disappoint. Dunno what the exactly release schedule is on these OVAs, and if there really is a season 3. Better be, been awhile since we had new delicious SHANA IS HOT.

I’ve been grabbing Seitokai and Shugo Chara episodes but I haven’t watched either since 2. Seitokau because I just haven’t gotten around to it yet, and Shugo Chara, well the anime part is less than 10 minutes of the episode, so really I am not missing much by watching them in batches, if at all. Also up to date on cake, but have only watched through 4 or so.

Need to grab some batches of older stuff again that I’ve missed over the years. Anyone got some suggestions? Anything except sappy male romance, you yaoi fangirls can keep that to yourselves. Mecha is a plus plus.

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