actually Gaston in DBZ would be pretty epic, but only if they replace Bulma with Belle.

My roommate apparently found a “high quality” torrent of Dragonball Z, the entire series, in MKV, each file being 50mb, for a total of around 17GB or so. My first thought was “50mb? Seriously? The exact AIM log was something like:

11:56:18 PM) Mike Dragonball Z Remastered MKV 50mb DBZ Uncut All Seasons Episodes 1-291
(11:56:20 PM) Mike doing it
(11:56:37 PM) deltax20a >>50mb
(11:56:39 PM) deltax20a wat?
(11:58:01 PM) Mike each epi is 50mb
(11:58:06 PM) Mike I just looked at the details
(11:58:26 PM) deltax20a either quality is shit or encoding win

Kind of restores my faith in humanity that someone understands how to encode something correctly given the source material isn’t new or anything.

As for Dragonball Z, in before everything ever right or wrong about the series. To be honest, I was a serious fan of this shit back during the Toonami run, and really, retrospectively, it is largely a good series, but much like Bleach, it overextended its welcome by turning to pure shit midway into the series, only to sort of emerge at the end sort-of winning. There is only so much grunting, yelling, and spending 5 episodes in the same spot on the screen shouting MY POWER IS MAXIMUM before you get really tired of what you are watching, which is what happened to Bleach for me. Something that was good before that turned to suck usually falls into my pile of “will watch when I feel like it” catagory. Sort of like “Megatokyo” and “VG Cats”, except it’s because their authors can’t seem to come up with a stupid comic on time despite the fact that it is at least one of them’s full time job. I digress.

Sadly, thanks to the overwhelmingly huge popularity of the series association with anything animu (see also: sailor moon, pokemon) it has become sort of a social stigma among animufags to mention DBZ in any public board or local setting. True, there are much better shounen series out there today, least we not forget the shit that has been taking over DBZ’s place in the “King of Shit” pile (Naruto, One Piece) but let’s face it, you loved it and everything on Toonami too, so I really don’t want to hear your shit.

tl;dr: If it’s in Japanese, I’ll hit it. Not so much for that, but the English voices are inconstant thanks to the studio changes a quarter-way through. Not that I really remember them that well. Plus I never saw much of the uncut version of the series, so I figure this outta make it quasi-interesting to watch.

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