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I’ve sort of been jumping around the remastered DBZ episodes, because, well, ADD kicking in yo, and I’ve seen most of the first half of the anime on CN way back in the day so many times that it was really only worth watching the episodes that mattered, which works for DBZ since they draw everything out so much.

I paid more attention however to the Cell Saga and really watching the beginning of the Buu Saga, mostly because my interest in DBZ fell before I finished the Cell Saga, so everything after that is new to me. Honestly, I feel as if there is more of a story in the last half of the series, since the beginning of the Trunks Saga. I mean, there was a story throughout the whole thing, but it’s as if shit didn’t get interesting until more than one Super Saiyan showed up, which I suppose figures.

Actually, it’s really when they start to phase out the weaker characters or ones from Dragonball (Tien, Yamcha, Krillian) and bring on new ones like Trunks, Goten, Videl, and Android 18 that things pick up. Sadly, the only one who was even useful throughout most of the series was Krillian, the others just kept dying. Then there is shifting the main status from Goku to Gohan, which was kind of a good thing really, having him beat the shit out of Cell and then move on to carry the story at least until Buu gave me something different to watch than waiting for Goku to not kill the enemy because he is being all righteous. Gohan just fucks shit up and enjoys trolling the fuck out of Cell in the end.

The only shame about DBZ is that they didn’t get enough female fighters in besides Videl. Course if DBZ was done today, there would be twelve, because we all know that even though toughguys sell in shounen anime, toughgirls (especially tsundere ones) draw double-crowds, if long-running series Naruto and Bleach show. I’m still waiting for Orihime to snap and fuck everyone’s world up, that would bring me back to watching that show in a heartbeat.

Conclusion, I probably should’ve watched Kai.

tl;dr: Does Pan go Super Saiyan? Because it would be A: Badass, and B: She should kick the shit out of Vegeta for the lulz.

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