oh come on now, you know you'd want them both

Kampfer and Nyan Koi wrap up this week, so here is the short and skinny with final reviews on the two:

Title: Kampfer
Sub Group I Watched: gg
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 4

Frankly, this anime had the potential to go somewhere and it didn’t. Badly. The basic premise isn’t anything to drive home with, it’s red versus blue with girls, sort of a Mai-HiME with a genderbender, which made it quasi-interesting. But throughout this short series, they did not attempt to answer any questions, like why they chose a guy to change into a girl, why any of them fight, and what is worse is the two sides didn’t even fight barely at all, they chose to ally themselves against the “white team” and moderator, and even then the whole control plot and “final fight” was lame. No, the only thing this anime succeeded at was showing us that Japan loves lesbian overtones in their anime, along with some simple superpowers and a plot consisting of molesting each other each episode. Giving this a four is probably being generous, however I did enjoy a couple of the episodes. Really, I wish they should have just left out the “Kampfer” powers and flimsy fighting plot and just stuck to the genderbending and lesbian sex, it would have at least been a better fanservice anime.

Title: Nyan Koi!
Sub Group I Watched: gg
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 8

Of this season’s draw, Nyan Koi was probaly my second favorite. The plot is pretty simple, kid who is allergic to cats gets cursed, hears cats, and has to do deeds and help 100 cats to free the curse. Mix in some school-comedy and slice-of-life elements, plus two twintails with quasi-magical powers and you have yourself a pretty fun ride, and from the looks of it, they are being granted another season, which I completely approve of, as this was a pleasant pick out of the largely unknown season this was.

Railgun halfway mark is this week, they seem to be ending the Level Upper arc here and moving onto something new next week. The Sisters?

I’ve yet to catch up on Yumeriero or gimpy Shugo Chara, no rush though.

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