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The last weekend before the next season of crap starts, and I managed to finish up Omamori at the very least, though I’m tempted to just plow through the raws for Baka Test, honestly, not much goes on in it anyway to care much, but it isn’t like Gundam where 70% of an episode is shit blowing up, so dialogue is somewhat important.

two flat chests are fine too
five cat girls is always better than one

Omamori Himari is like watching the condensed version of Blue Seed where Yuto is Momiji and Himari is Kusanagi, both involve legendary monsters, the past, family history, and whatnot. Except in this case, it’s a cat girl, with a sword, tits, and she sure isn’t afraid to use her feminine wiles on poor defenseless Yuto that lucky son-of-a-bitch. Like most other “harem” series, you, the hapless ronery weeaboo, are supposed to feel sorry for the fact this kid has like 10 women hanging off of him and put him in all sorts of danger and awkward situations. Oh, and most of them tried to kill him earlier. I like my women to try to kill me first and then befriend them. At least Nanoha puts her power where her heart is, Yuto is useless until the end. Alas, Omamori does come out as being my third favorite watch this season and it had a story, even if it was short. It has sequel power though, won’t be surprised if we see another.

Title: Omamori Himari
Sub Group I Watched: KSH, Ryuumaru, HorribleSubs
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 8

never let them fool you, women have just as many dirty thoughts as men, they just don't like the negative press
oh you two, so cute with your scheming

Baka Test 9 introduces the busty sister of our unfortunate protagonist, further escalating the point in my former block of text that Japan loves to make you feel bad by showing anime characters that have more potential of getting some than you do. While this episodes advances nothing towards the overall “plot” it was amusing to see Himeji try to put her hair up. Looks better down though.

So the watch list for next week is pretty much set, I had sort of forgotten about Katanagari, which comes out slowly anyway, so I’ll catch eps. 2 and 3 before 4 airs this month. Yumeiro is probably backburner at this point, they’re up to 23 I think and that might be something I’ll just kinda pass though at work or something, honestly I try to watch stuff at work but we never seem to have dull days anymore since the 1.2 release, so until most of our errors are patched up so that people won’t need to call so much, then I could actually watch shit. Crazy, I know!

PS: I sped through the first Ikkitousen and grabbed the second and third series to watch, in lieu of the first episode of the fourth series coming out recently. Ah, delicious tits and kicking the shit out of each other. I will most likely add season four to my watch lineup probably by the second or third episode, assuming what I watch doesn’t suck.

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