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Just as soon as I post what I caught up to, almost everything ended their runs this week. Sadly, only one series this season probably stood out as being good on every level, the fanservice series were good for their purpose, but had lousy endings, unless they’re being set up for sequels.

and nothing of value was lost

Chu-Bra: It’s a series about bras and panties. I knew going into this that it was going to be frivolous and silly, so really I was not as disappointed as I could’ve been when they decided to pull out the TWIST in the second to last episode with OH LOL I’M LEAVING and then have the girl with the second biggest tits in the series give a damn, causing the last episode to pretty much Linkin Park itself until they made up in the end. Overall, it was a semi-amusing series with a few funny moments, but what really ices the cake is the idea of a “Boys Underwear Club” at the end. Really? Because I can’t watch a male Nayu in this series with a straight face, it would just crack me up. Oddly enough, I am going into B Gata Kei H with about the same level of expectation as this.

Title: Chu-Bra
Sub Group I Watched: Doki, Ryuumaru
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 6

make no mistake, she'll suck your tits and shoot you in the head, felicia don't fuck around
pretty sure that is universal for 'don't fuck with me, son'

Sora no Woto: Of what I watched, this series took the cake in terms of being well written, executed, and played out, from beginning to end. The ending did seem rather rushed a bit, but Rio coming out of left field, a very interesting twist I didn’t think would happen, and that was pretty cool. As much as I want to say Yui Kanata was my favorite, Noel’s final two episodes pushed her ahead as being just one of those heart-tugging kinda things where you feel sorry for her, on top of her being lazy and awesome, and being the mechanical genius of the mech. Overall though, this is a recommended watch out of this season.

Title: Sora no Woto
Sub Group I Watched: pwq
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 8

every ronery weeaboo's dream, right here

Ladies Vs. Butlers: Part fanservice and part.. er.. sorta plot, this series was a fanservice-favorite of mine this season for it’s brazen showing of tits, full, unaltered, uncensored, tits. You can be disgusted and call me whatever you want, but I ain’t ashamed to say this series was worth watching for them. However I did get into the characters and short plot and was a bit disappointed by the end, I don’t think it really closed anything, which pretty much means we will probably see another series down the road. Case in point, hooray tits!

Title: Ladies Vs. Butlers
Sub Group I Watched: Ryuumaru, Doki
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 8

no seriously, it's like walking into work
panera: the anime

Not sure if this is the first episode or some sort of preview episode, but Working! seems to be everything I’ve ever known in working in the food service industry put into an anime, and it can only get more ironic as time goes on. If the regular episodes follow the same linear progression as this episode then it sound like sort of a “short clip” type show much like Azumanga Daioh was. Either way, this looks to be fairly amusing.

Also, hat tip to Mochi for looking like they will finish Baka Test, they put out an Ep. 9 recently and I do hope they finish it out, because none of these other fuckers will. I also found the rest of Omamori, oddly enough it wasn’t coming up on Animesuki, which means it’s in some sort of license limbo or something, I’m up through Ep. 8, will finish the last 4 this weekend and include that review with the next post.

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