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Because of my moving apartments this past weekend I am catching up to this week’s shit, but here is the run down of what I’ve actually gotten a chance to watch thus far…

she would be perfect for kama sutra positions...
I understand that perfect invisability requires no clothes, but does that mean you ALWAYS fly around naked?

Demon King 05 continues outlining a plot that pretty much tells you that this is going to be Disgaea with a harem. You already have an Etna, a Flonne, a Mid-Boss, and several different class-types, so hell, let’s throw in some Prinnys and get this party started.. dood! But seriously, it is fairly amusing to watch, and CrunchyRemux puts out the uncensored version each week for maximum tit awesome. Oh Japan!

certainly never seen this archtype of a manager in my jobs... nope, not at all...

Working! 05 kinda just rolls with the random plot of people working in a family restaurant with the sub-theme of Inami and her fear of men. I think I continue to be amused by this series for it’s rather interesting parallel to how restaurants actually run, or rather all of the ones I have worked in. You always have that lazy manager that doesn’t really do much even when asked and you always have that one person who does a great job with some people but lousy with others, and then there is especially that guy who knows all the gossip and dirt on people and uses it to his advantage.

TL;DR it’s Lucky Star if they all worked at Denny’s.

soon to be on written by the typical yaoi fangirl

Angel Beats 05 starts to thicken the plot around the “Angel” as you see what happens when you remove what probably was your saving grace in the first place. What is interesting to note is when I said this reminds me much of Haruhi it pretty much is because Yuri is the alternate universe Haruhi if Q from Star Trek TNG/DS9 snapped his fingers and messed up animu reality. Regardless this is still the series I am paying the most attention to because it’s just damn near interesting. Needs more TK and his weird engrish.

Table Tennis. Serious Business.

Mayoi Neko Overrun 04 kinda went random this week with it’s obligatory hot springs episode, except the males get lost and one of them avoids a scene out of Brokeback Mountain for a chick with tits. Aside from that you get obligatory table tennis and rather long Gainax-type shots for several minutes of things. Still fun to watch though.

STRIP MAHJONG TIME LOLOLOLOLOL... oh wait, that's Saki. My bad.
Yes, we got it, he's an idiot. HOORAY OBVIOUS!

Mochi finally delivered with the final episode of Baka Test and I was kind of disappoint somewhat with how it could have ended, but it was fairly obvious what was going to happen and you pretty much just kind of enjoy the ride and the crazy shit the characters do, especially Ninja Pervert. If you are expecting something awesome I’d skip to something else from that season, but Baka Test is worth a pass watch. Pass/Fail. Haha… oh wow…

Title: Baka to Test Shoukanjuu
Sub Group I Watched: gg, Mochi
Episodes: 13
Rating (1-10): 7

Finally it is my goal to return to working on artwork again and until I revisit my previously started art site project I may be posting some sketches or things to this blog since they are animu related. If you think this is a terrible idea, lodge your complain in the “holy shit someone actually reads this blog and yet I still don’t give a damn box” otherwise known as “Comments”


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