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Been tossing around dropping BgHk only because I find no real motivation to watch it, it is somewhat amusing, but holds slightly less interest than Kampfer to me. I still have two episodes in queue to watch though, maybe I’ll try one and see how much I want to get to the next one.

sometimes I swear Japan knows what buttons to push for American animu nerds
well I hope so, if he ends up gay I'm fucking dropping this

Demon King 06 took the fanservice route this week by having government officials SEELE dictate to Korone Chi to seduce Akuto. Well, sadly, she does about as stellar of a job at seducing him as Data tried to state he was “fully functional” in that episode of The Next Generation and the entire episode pretty much is her playing out several Japanese hentai game fantasies that are sure to destroy the brain cells of weeaboos both Japanese and American.


alternate text appreciation society
you must be this tall to ride this-- OH GODDAMIT WHAT WAS I THINKING? -Chise

Stray Cats 05 shows us how the loli was lonely so she decided to do that any rich hot-blooded American capitalist would do, open up her own cake shop, put her friends’ shop out of business, and hire them for fun and profit. Only problem is, morality always gets in the way and after swimsuits and tears (the best!) she relents and joins the group.


Angel Beats 06 continues to forward awesome with BLADE TENSHI ACTION and some hot man-love at the end. I’m not sure where this mindfuckery of a series is going, but goddamn it’s pretty good. It really reminds me of The Matrix without “The One” bullshit… yet, unless you think Yuri is that. But it’s random enough to be awesome while being serious enough to keep my attention. Well played series, well played.

Not much else to tap on at the moment, a friend brought up fansubbing and the dying US anime market, but frankly, in the inmortal words of Nelson from The Simpsons…


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