A Year Later

So I realized I have been running this blog for close to a year now, and closing in on wrapping up a full year of actually staying on top of what is airing in Japan. I have to admit, it’s rather fun to have at least something to watch each quarter, much like Saturday Morning Cartoons or the glory days of Cartoon Network. Don’t get me wrong, I watch plenty of non-anime shows, Mythbusters, NCIS, The Office, and whatnot, but anime has always been my weak point in show-watching, because it’s always enough to keep me entertained for a few hours at the end of the day, especially grabbing batches from previous seasons and giving them a full run.

Over the year I’ve changed the way I write things into this blog. I started going for a wordwordwords with TL;DR format like my politics blog, but it’s become a picture caption and few words now infrequently, which works for me, I just like being able to sum up my take on an episode or series in a short bit rather than over-analyze it or write about it to death. There were a lot of good stuff over the year, and a lot of shit COUGHKAMPFERCOUGH but it was all good.

For this year I look forward to some new and interesting stuff, and hopefully the return of some old favorites (read: WHERE IS MY GODDAMN SHANA SEASON THREE?). My style isn’t set to change any time soon, but I’ll of course look for ways to up the ante for my entire 4-person reader base. Maybe I’ll even investigate podcasts, but don’t hold your breath or anything.

MSPaint comics however, hrmmmmm.

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