Rie-din the Storm Out

My list this season is much bigger than the last, it’s kinda troublesome. But here is a few of the top ones:

With all of the characters coming in this season, harem end?
Misfortune my ass you harem slut

A Certain Magical Index II 02: So another Rie gets introduced in the form of Anieze Sanctis, a new character with tall platform shoes, braided red hair, and what will probably all together be two clicks away from Shana minus a sword. Something seems a bit off about this season, and I think it might be Index. It just seems like she is a lot more… into things this one, kinda the reverse of Shana S1 to S2, where Sakai Yuji went from being the scared trailing-behind to a stronger main character. Still, this season is shaping up for some serious awesome, no matter how you slice it.

Very used to it.
Oh I can get used to this too, don't you worry

Panty and Stocking 03: Seriously, this show can just spin in circles, flash me, and sing FLYYYY AWAAAAAAAY all day and it’d be amusing for maybe longer than it should. The episode plots aren’t much, but I think what makes this show great is it’s humor, crude language and jokes, and an animation spirit that reminds me of animation in the 90’s and early 00’s, when American animation was good. I can also get down with fanservice shots of Stocking, because DAT STOCKINGS.

or New Jersey... seriously, they already have problems!
Don't mess with Texas

MM! 03: Finally, a series where the main male isn’t a goddamn pussy. This kid is a bona fide masochist and yet he has no trouble fist-fighting and taking one for the girl… just so she can beat the shit out of him, and he likes it!

This really says something about my tastes in entertainment.

When did Anonymous start making anime?

Ore no Imouto 02: Man, this series is like every thread in /a/ about whatever it is we fucking talk about, and they argue much the same way. I really did lol and facepalm when she told the chick she is a goth and she should kill herself. I begin to wonder how much literal translation all of this is, but I don’t even care, this series is /a/ gold and worth watching.

For Saimoe 2011
/a/ - Ika Musume

Shinryaku! Ika Musume 02: This show is seriously pretty damn cute, and fuck you haters it is gold. I mean, just think of the loli tentacle good– hhhhnnnnnnng~

Otome Youkai Zakuro 02: I’m not sure how to feel about this series yet. It’s good, but I am not finding it as interesting as I expected. But it could be a lot worse. I’m trying to think of what it reminds me of, but it’s not coming to mind quite yet. Maybe eventually. I’ve continue to keep giving it a watch though, if anything I might just wait and batch download it at the end and watch.

Super Robot Taisen OG The Inspector 02: Oh shit son, Lamina Loveless. I vaguely recall her from shit before and it’s only making me need to go back and watch/reference the other OG shit, because this is pretty good, albeit confusing shit. The cutesy faces seems a bit off for a superrobo show, but I am not hatin’.

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru 01: What is this, I don’t even? I can’t even begin to understand the purpose behind these characters or what this show is even trying to do. I mean, that face, the maid… coffee… I don’t… what?

So yeah, lot of anime this season. Saimoe is over, so this blog will probably lie dormant for a week or so like before. Unless I feel compelled to do classic reviews like I was supposed to do months ago. Anyone got any ideas of some to review? I know a bunch of people hit this site, little feedback yo!

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