Upcoming: Winter 2010-2011

A couple of charts have surfaced by others besides Chartfag, who apparently isn’t sure he can do one for Winter or not. Since everyone pretty much sources from the same places (moonphase, moetron, ANN, etc.) it’s probably at least 50% reliable. So I’ll start throwing out what I might be looking into:

Source: @cowboybibimbop via @rislim on Twitter
Source: https://thecartdriver.com/charts/

Fractale the description is vague, but it sounds like something that’s going to be either supernatural or “electronic” (think Angel Beats!) and quest-oriented. Still, it looks somewhat interesting enough to warrant a look.

GOSICK Aside from the description saying “female Sherlock Holmes”, it’s a BONES series with a main character that looks like Shinku from Rozen Maiden and set in the 20’s. I think I can dig it.

IS: Infinite Stratos Wait, wait, females… piloting mechs, exclusively, until one boy comes along? Oh hell yeah, this may be the most fun since… uh… shit… something!

Is This A Zombie? Hrm, magic, zombies, and a girl with a chainsaw? A magic chainsaw? It probably won’t be as witty as Zombieland, but let’s fucking rock.

Not much else has caught my eye for the moment, Index II will probably carry into this season, as well as Super Robot Taisen, so at least a couple things will remain going into a pretty weak season for top-tier anime. Also, while not as interesting to me as it might be to my girlfriend and her friends, the OVA for Supernatural: The Animation is set to come out in early January. I haven’t seen next to anything of the US TV show, only what her and they talk about often, but I imagine an OVA is probably not going to touch major plot points unless it does well enough to be green-lit more OVAs or a full series.

Finally, Panty and Stocking and Ore no Imouto are God-Tier series this season, by far.

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