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Halloween Night and since I don’t have parties (or friends) to go to, I bring you this week’s breakdown in currently airing anime, chalk full of LOL NOTHING HAPPENED.

The Word of God, as seen by a girl with magical books for brains

A Certain Magical Index 04: 4 episodes in and they certainly didn’t waste too much time throwing you into this arc involving the two churches and Touma. What puzzles me a bit is how all these new characters interact, and if I could read the original novels it might make more sense, but BT only has so much translated and it doesn’t help at the moment. Still, the potential for what remains to happen in this series is enough to keep me watching and hoping this extended prologue-type beginning would resolve and bring about somemore delicious Biri-Biri and Last Order/Accelerator. Oh, and Kuroko.

Yeah, I'm jealous. My little sister can't BE cute
...and all of /a/ fell silent as they unzipped their pants.

Ore no Imouto 04: In the obligatory Comiket episode, not only do we see Kyousuke defending his sister’s anime complex to her “normal” friends by sacrificing his honor in the most lulzy “wincest” move ever, but he manages to smoothly get one of her “normal” friends’ phone number in the process. He has also got personal contact with glasses-girl of Kirino’s “anime” friends as well. Harem end anyone?

She must really want to be inside Ika Musume
Oh Sanae, you card.

Ika Musume 04: First two parts were pretty good, one about her fierce addiction to shrimp and Sanae’s attempt to capitalize on this for her love of Ika, and the second about them leaving her at the shop overnight and regretting it enough to invite Ika to their home the next night, which didn’t end well for Eiko. The last part was about a Fake Ika Musume in the form of a girl with a mechanical Ika head on her that did various things. Although Ika’s reactions were pretty funny, not much else to go over.


Panty and Stocking 05: Honestly this week’s episode was pretty bad overall, and not only because they got little screen time, but because the topics were just terrible. Boogers and snot? Puke? I realize the aim of this show is to dazzle and surprise the viewer while slinging American cuss words and slang, along with sexual innuendos, but previous episodes did it much better. Still, the second half’s “Little Tokyo” was kind of amusing, and kind of an insight into some people’s preconceptions of how working in Japan really is.

What if Synapse was German? Didn't think about that, did you?
Ich werde zurückkehren.

Sora no Otoshimono Forte 05: So, Synapse is essentially Heaven of some sort, ruled by people with wings, stocked with Angeloid servants and weapons, and they hate “Downers”? Aside from the classic “I’m above you therefore I am better than you” complex it would seem that enjoy trapping some and putting them to sleep, or something. Waiting for the LOL GUYS THIS IS THE MATRIX to come out next, of course, if they go forth with the actual plot more than Tomoki’s perversion of the week. Prez doesn’t help.

His power is maximum.

MM! 05: So aside from the DBZ references in this episode, we have a super-genius loli added to the cast of characters, this one with the problem that she has no friends, therefore it makes perfect sense to turn everyone into sex-crazed idiots. If only she knew humans were already like this, they just have personal barriers around one another. Still, I was slightly amused at Arashiko’s jealousy, it was cute.

Pending watches are Otome Youkai Zakuro, Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, and Super Robot Taisen OG The Inspector which I’ll get to later today. For now, need some excedrin and maybe some Criminal Minds. I watch real shows too you know, especially ones that fuck with you, seriously. Maybe they should make an anime out of that instead of that sissy Supernatural.

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