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Ika Musume 07: I continue to be amused by not only the series but the follow-along on /a/. Really, there is nothing super special about this series, it’s light episodic comedy. I like how some people want to lump it into the Slice-of-Life or Moe categories when it doesn’t exactly fit either by their usual definitions.


Misaka No. 10032 states that this mouseover is in fact silly. Misaka nods her head and repeats that it is silly indeed.

Index 07: Shit is starting to get heavy and incoming is Misaka, Kuruko, and Accelerator. This and last episode is full of some epic Kuruko fighting, ending with the return of Accelerator assisted by the Misaka Network in being epic awesome. Yeah, I have a feeling shit it going to get awesome heading into the midterm.

Real okay with this. No really.
OBJECT-- you know, I'm okay with this.

Panty and Stocking 08: With the introduction of Scanty and Kneesocks a couple episodes ago, there has been a clear enemy now to the angelic duo, which really doesn’t change much. Hell, Kneesocks? She can state THE RULES to me all night. DEM GLASSES. Show continues to go up and down depending on what they are spoofing. The zombie episode here was pretty bad, but the court episode and Phoenix Wright spoof made up for it.

Oh shit son, you pissed it off. You deaaad son, you dead.

Sora no Otoshimono Forte 08: Coming down to the final 4-5 episodes and the real fight between Ikaros and Chaos began and ended shortly after “WHAT IS LOVE? BABY DON’T HURT ME!” and some other shit. Astrea ripped her chain, and poor Nymph. Glad to see an episode though with Tomoki acting his character and not SD-pervertman, those episodes while amusing contribute nothing to the plot.

Seriously, this was too cute. Any more and my hear-- HHHNNNNGGGGG

Otome Youkai Zakuro 06-07: This screenshot was from 06 but since they both came in a package torrent I’ll hit em both here. Honestly, I had been holding back on watching this the last few weeks because the series started out kinda slow and clumsy, but the last 5 episodes have been pretty fuckwin and it’s grown on me quite a bit. Aside from Zakuro’s tsundere personality, Bonbori and Hozuki are too cute in that scene. Some deep shit is getting under way, so it should stay interesting for awhile.

Did not find a new episode for MM! or Ore no Imouto this week, Ore no Imouto usually comes out on Sundays though I think and I dunno about MM! Details eventually.

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