Katsucon 2011

So as I’ve mentioned before, I am staffing once again this year for Katsucon in the Art Show, so if you are cool folk who wishes to SUP DAWG me at the convention, just walk into Art Show and shout CONTRACT! and I’ll likely notice, we’ll fist bump, and then I’ll tell you to get the fuck out.

mfw four days off spent at a con full of bleachfags

I’ll be down there from early Friday morning until Monday afternoon, so I will miss this week’s WatchRanking and general posts until Monday or Tuesday at best. Hope to see some good art work this year, and some good cosplays. If you are cosplaying anything out of this season, especially Madoka, IS, or Yumekui Merry. I’ll also accept Nanoha, Angelic Layer (if you crossplay Hikaru I will kill you on the spot. No exceptions.) Nadesico, and probably a number of others, stop by so I can take a picture and possibly include it in the con report on here after the con.

So here is to an awesome weekend I don’t have to spend telling our customers at my job just where to stick their keyboards. =D

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