A few general improvements here at TLDR Animu, first off, new banner. It’s sleek, it’s hip, and it’s motherfucking Steins;Gate. So get your Gel-Bananas on for the next piece. Updated sidebar. That’s right fool, updated welcome box, addition of the week’s WatchRanking and CharacterRanking, and if you didn’t notice from before, the Watch List charts for this season and next season. But that’s not all partner… actually that is all.

It's damn near shiny, though using my WR template. I'm lazy.

So debuting this week is CharacterRanking which similar to my WatchRanking chart tracks my Top Ten favorite characters in the season. Considering how late it is in the season, this season’s chart won’t change much by the end, but the real fun starts in Summer 2011 when we see who will try to dethrone Mayushii and Ohana as they continue into the next season. I’ll also have a XLS format available later this week for those who enjoy RAW DATA week-to-week, which reminds me to update the WR XLS as well, and I’ll get those links up on the sidebar soon.

Lastly, I am looking into web hosting for my domain, Zerosubspace, which I’ve owned since about 2001. It’s been used as a home webserver over the years, and now is tied to Google Sites until I decide it’s next mission. Among ideas for a new web domain I’d like to build out a few projects related to this site, and given my use of MediaWiki for work, I’m thinking of building out a TLDR Animu Wiki of sorts, mostly for random bullshit as it’s primary purpose is sandboxing for work related projects, but maybe some cool shit for you folks, whomever actually reads here. I noted I’ve passed 30k hits here, and I know many cool folks read this blog, that’s cool with me. The difference between me and most larger weeaboo blogfags is I’m not really interested in fame, fortune, hambeasts, and panels at anime conventions. I just run a small simple blog for folks who enjoy light discussion and impersonal reviews on a chunk of currently airing anime each season. If I get invited to a con, which is highly unlikely, even for Connecticon, I’d probably get thrown out for swearing like a pirate and talking about how much Bleachfags annoy the ever living piss out of me, though Narutofags and One Piecefags are close by. I will however talk about Pokemon B/W anime, the Japanese version, and how they picked the two worst possible partners for Satoshi to journey with. Motherfucking Takeshi (Brock) and Kasumi (Misty) or nothing. Shit, even Hikari (Dawn) was better than Iris and Dent (Cilan). But Team Rocket, shit son, they’re like actual covert operatives in this series, it’s actually fucking badass…

…I better stop this before it gets terrible. I’ve always had a weak spot for the Pokemon metaseries, but really I value the games more. Still, I spent the better part of freshman year in HS playing Blue on my GB Pocket and watching the original series air. This was 1997-1998, in case you’re wondering just how old I am and still watching goddamn Pokemon. Haters gonna hate.

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