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As it’s been out for a couple days now, if you haven’t seen Steins;Gate 12, I suggest doing so before reading this post. You’re about to see some serious shit.

Doctor Who?
Homu-Okarin will go back and fix it, however many times it takes.

SERN finally makes their move this episode, hinting largely at the scene from the end of the last episode with the doll head. Having completed the preparations to attempt a memory transfer using the phone microwave (name subject to change) and SERN’s LHC that they were connected to, they had a working theory to be able to send a person’s memories back about 2 days or so. But having reservations about altering world lines again, among concerns for Mayushi’s safety, Okarin decided against it for the moment. While throwing a party to celebrate the completion of the device with the intent of publishing the findings (and maybe making some money) “Part-Time Warrior” Suzuha suddenly becomes aware of something happening, but declines to say and leaves in a haste. Soon after the door flies open and men with masks holding guns storm the room. With everyone in the room with their hands up, who walks in but Moeka “Shining Finger” Kiryuu who reveals to be an agent for SERN. She quickly states that Okarin, Daru, and Kurisu were to be detained and brought with them. But when Okarin asks about Mayushi, she replies that she is not needed, and fires a shot straight in her head. The episode ends with Okarin over her trying to make sense of what just happened.

Nothing to Tuturu about~

Now thanks to threads in /a/ and Wikipedia I already knew at some point Mayushi would die, as it follows what occurred in the VN, but I was completely unprepared for how or who actually did it, and I am damn near angry that it ends up being Moeka who pulls the trigger, that emotionless bitch. I suppose I should have seen it coming, she wanted the IBN 5100, because it was connected to SERN and them getting it first probably meant the final piece of the puzzle. What puzzles me is without the 5100 in this world line, how did they get connected to SERN, or was that Moeka’s doing all along so that they would continue their research into the D-Mail? Also, what exactly did she send herself when they used her as the experiment that one time? Needless to say there is a lot about this I still don’t know, and fortunately spoils are being kept at a minimum by the tripfag Reading Steiner on /a/ and I’m avoiding anything else so I don’t get further surprised.

Still, seriously, why did it have to be Mayushi? She’s the best goddamn character in the show, and if anyone deserves not to get sucked into all of this was her. Also that Suzu for running out beforehand, she knows something about all of this, and I suspect she is either from the future or has some sort of knowledge of events that are going to happen, no doubt related to the John Titor mess.

Is it Tuesday yet?

The shot heard round the world

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