All For Science

Oddly enough, between real life, fake life, and everything else, I haven’t found the time to sit down and do any proper TLDRing or CHARTSCHARTSCHARTS of animu in the past two weeks. Which is a damn near shame, but to be fair, not a whole lot has even gone down oddly enough as we approach the final weeks of this season. Steins;Gate 24 will be in my hands in a few minutes, and I promise I will wait until tomorrow or Thursday to post spoils, but I also heard rumors of a movie for SG, so I am somewhat counting on an open ending, which will kinda suck.

The other reason for my absence from here has been Saimoe 2011, and if you haven’t been on my parallel blog, the first round is nearly complete, and a lot of big names have already tumbled out this year, including Shana, Yui, Homura, Azusa, and more. Still, things look promising for some newcomers this year which makes it all the more interesting. Check out TLDR Saimoe for full coverage.

General housekeeping notes, as I gear up for the new season of animu, I’m looking to tweak the site around, possibly a new style or layout. Honestly it’s been years since I’ve done custom blog designs, as it was a paid feature of the LJ days and I think it is also for WP, but standard layouts have done me good. The banner has always been a contention point for me, what is up there now is kind of a placeholder until I design a better one. The other thing I want to upgrade is the charts, the simple style I’ve used works, but I want to come up with something sleeker and more streamline.

So long story short, I am still alive, but for now, it is a SCIENCE TIME. I don’t have any Dr. Pepper at my desk though. ;_;

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