Squiddin’ to the Left

New season of shows, and several off the start, including Shakugan no Shana III and Ika Musume Season 2. Is your body ready?

Wait, what happened in the last season?
Good Yuji, you're looking kinda badass there

Honestly, I don’t remember the fine details of Shakugan no Shana season two, but I seem to recall the Reiji Maigo being taken from Yuji, giving him a finite amount of time left. By the end, he disappears, but his memory remains in Shana, Yoshida, and the other Flame Hazes. This season’s first episode opens up immediately to what I fear we will be seeing, a somehow reincarnated Yuji versus Shana, for reasons yet revealed. The episode then spends about half the time briefly recapping the end of the last season and putting the pieces together for the episodes moving forward. OP/ED was pretty good as usually, moreso ED than OP, but still good nonetheless. Hopefully they don’t fuck this up.

TLDR Watch This: Shana, Shana, Shana, and melon bread.
TLDR Don’t Watch This: if you’re confused about the story and think this is going to be a terrible segway to the last season of ZnT
Sub Group: Commie
First Rating: 8

I just figured she liked blue
So her braclets control her weight? Tricky.

New season of Ika Musume and the formula remains the same, three mini episodes of silly little antics. Thankfully they do not change much around, characters remain the same and all got a little screen time early on, including the ever insane Sanae and her fetish for “Little Ika”. There isn’t much else to really comment on, it’s a show you’ll watch for the hell of it or not. Don’t expect any real story or meaning or anything.

TLDR Watch This: if you like squddin’ around
TLDR Don’t Watch This: if you’d rather watch the persona 4 anime
Sub Group: FFFpeeps
First Rating: 7

Her slow reaction means she's asking for it
Didn't take long for this to happen in my harem anime

I’m not exactly sure what to make of this, it’s your typical magic powers in school type show, with mostly girls and a few boys, so we’re talking Freezing with a touch of the “childhood friends” harem-type bullshit, mixed with Ikkitousen and probably a touch of Infinite Stratos. Fair warning, most of the girls have tits, and physics-defying ones at that, so fanservice is at maximum here, and probably will stay. How the guys factor into this equation I am not sure yet, but this sounds about the sort of thing you’ll watch just because you can.

TLDR Watch This: fanservice, girls fighting each other, girls fighting each other for the shitty male MC
TLDR Don’t Watch This: harem animes, childhood friends, reminders of kampfer
Sub Group: Hatsuyuki
First Rating: 7

No wait, come back, I need friends

So from the same studio which brought you Ore no Imouto comes Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai and I have to say, this is actually looking pretty good from the first episode. You have Yozora Mikazuki who comes off to me as a mix of Haruhi, Shana, and Meme Touwa with Kodaka Hasegawa, a half-British half-Japanese transfer student who gets himself sucked up in Yozora’s idea to form a “Neighbors Club” to make friends, only to attract Sena Kashiwazaki, a popular and good looking girl, but with no real friends either. It borrowed a lot from Haruhi’s premise with the formation of the club, but reminded me a lot of Denpa Otoko. But really, I found a sparkle in this somewhere that makes me thing this might be worth watching.

TLDR Watch This: if like me, you have few/no friends and would like cute girls to act all tsundere around you
TLDR Don’t Watch This: if you thought that above statement was serious
Sub Group: Kanjouteki
First Rating: 8

So the season is starting out well, and three more shows premiere tomorrow, Gundam AGE, mirai Nikki, and Ben-To. Guilty Crown heads up the rear next week. So a somewhat light season this is, but still full of fun, or something.

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