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More new premieres to detail, and as a whole, this season looks to be shaping up fairly well. About the only thing that could have made it better was more Saki, but gift horse, etc. etc.

Do want
That qualifies as a rape face

If you’ve seen the OVA for Mirai Nikki that was out ago then this will be roughly the same, but some elements of it changed. The basic premise is a boy named Yukiteru Amano normally spends life detailing a cell phone diary about the events around him. He then gets caught up in what he thought was his imagination but is actually “God” running a game where cell phone users are given the ability to see into the future, and all participate in a deathmatch to eliminate each other or the cell phone tied to them (which eliminates the user) to win a place as God’s successor. The trick however is that everyone’s diaries are linked together in a way, and one person is marked DEAD END to encourage each other to target each other, also if someone tries to circumvent a written future, a new one takes its place, and could coincide with another’s written future. So far you’re introduced to Yuki and Yuno Gasai, who is obsessed with Yuki to the point where her diary doesn’t even tell her future, only Yuki’s in ten minute updates, and has a stalker-like mentality towards him.

I have to say, this is one helluva interesting premise, even if it has Mai HiME written on it a little, and eagle-eye viewers might note that one of the diary users looked an awful like Inspector Bloris from GOSICK. Honestly, if this isn’t in your watch list this season, do it, if anything, for creepy rapeface stalker Yuno. Everyone loves female stalkers.

TLDR Watch This: creepy stalker girl, who kills who, that sorta thing
TLDR Don’t Watch This: you live in the past
Sub Group: GotSpeed
First Rating: 8

Looking pretty Amuro there?
Wha, already? Doesn't the Gundam always fight in the second episode?

I have to admit, from the OP of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE I had to make sure I was watching Gundam and not some floozy light-comedy or something. The animation and characters are a bit of a throwback to the older UC series and even the Gundams themselves in the OP look pretty RX-78 and such. But they waste no time giving you the protag, Flit, a backstory of how he obtained the plans for the Gundam and in Kira-like fashion, was set up with a colony and means to build the Gundam with military assistance. Flanking him is Emily, presumably a childhood friend, and a Haro, making it’s debut in the classic green standard size from the original show. Elsewhere is a gaggle of other characters, from an old man who is probably the chief engineer to bridge crew and captains/commanders whom haven’t been fleshed out yet. First episode jumped right in to introducing the baddies and the Gundam immediately jumped to fight without Flit having any piloting experience (of course) but at least he isn’t a whiny bitch like Kira… yet…

TLDR Watch This: Gundam
TLDR Don’t Watch This: fuck you
Sub Group: sage
First Rating: 8

Toast wasn't cutting it.
Oh my, Rei decided to switch personalities for store food

I was a bit skeptical about Ben-To at preview time, but having seen the first episode, this might be just good enough to be good. Basically, when You Satou tries to go into a supermarket to buy something to eat and spots half-price bento, he immediately is attacked by a mob gets knocked out. When he comes to he sees Rei Ayanami Sen Yarizui through the window and subsequently the next day where she warns him not to go to that store. He does anyway, and is again knocked out. This time however, a store clerk revives him and informs him of the war that occurs when the bento are marked half-price at the end of the day. For a third time, You tries and discovers that Sen in fact is the “Ice Witch” responsible for knocking out most contenders and taking the prize. She leaves telling him to come to a club room the next day if he wishes to compete for half-price bento evenly.

Honestly, it’s like a potentially hilarious version of Tengo Tenge, or pick whatever school-fighting genre combo you know of. But at the same time it has this interesting tinge to it that makes me want to watch more. So I suppose it’s doing it’s job.

TLDR Watch This: Rei kicking ass and taking names
TLDR Don’t Watch This: you ever got your ass kicked for buying bad grocery store food
Sub Group: EveTaku
First Rating: 7

The last show to premiere is Guilty Crown which should be this week. Otherwise the docket is full for the season, and if you’re interested in CHARTS, here’s the breakdown for Week 1. Note that since my anime watching time is pretty much Saturday-Sunday, I am adjusting the week to Monday-Sunday instead of Sunday-Saturday. It fits.

GASP. Shana isn’t first. Well, given its weak start compared to the above three, it fit. Given the low number of shows I am watching this season this ranking has the potential to change a lot over the coming weeks, so stay sharp.

CharacterRanking chart is forthcoming. Hold on to your butts.

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