A Mid-Summers Night Rundown

It’s a little over halfway through Summer, and I finally got a new NIC card in, so being able to download twenty shows again was sweetness. I’m a bit behind on some shows, so I might paraphrase a bit, because I am lazy as shit. Teaches me to take on so many shows a season.

#1 Symphogear
I regrettably have to make this my top choice for the season. Biki, Sentinel, and Zenbu continue to deliver, and there has been little downtime to each episode, packing something significant in each one leading to what I hope will be an all-out brawl between Touhou Alchemist and The Fucking Fists of Justice. With the Ignite Modules, they certainly clobbered Adult Carol, but I suspect she is not gone. Even Maria gets her dead sister’s gear back, and acknowledges how Shinji she really is. This train does not stop, and I love it.

Yes ma'am.
Yes ma’am.
#2 Classroom ☆ Crisis
It’s everything I expect from a space-future show about engineering students doing engineering things. I quite enjoy the character dynamics and interaction, and the vibe I get from how space racing keeps getting mentioned keeps bringing me back to Starship Girl Yamamoto Yohiko. I don’t need to remind you how many times I can listen to the OVA theme on repeat.

We all have one co-worker like this.
We all have one co-worker like this.
#3 Working!!!
This season is on-par with previous seasons, diving more into the relationship (or lack thereof) between Satou and Todoroki. Apart from that, it’s the usual Popura faces, Inami sweetness, Yamada’s shitty work ethics, and Takanashi’s resolve. You know, just another day at Wagnaria.

I don't even.
I don’t even.
#4 Shimoneta
This probably sums up this show in one single tweet.

I mean, god damn, it’s bad enough this show is every social justice activist’s wet dream, a society where they have political and social control over everyone, but how this show goes from zero to eleven in Anna is absolutely terrifying and fantastic at the same time.


I went to the store later:


Junk in the Trunk
Junk in the Trunk
#5 Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
After reading much of the manga, I expected this show to pretty much run it down mostly by-the-book. It has, with a few creative ends, but it’s more or less to be expected. I’ll probably do a manga-to-anime comparison at some point if I care, but right now I am interested to see if they’ll animate up some of the MON characters before the end of the season. I mean, they should.

False. Cats love pillows.
False. Cats love pillows.
#6 Joukamachi no Dandelion
It’s a surprisingly fun show that almost feels like it could play in the Baka Test universe. It’s rather episodic, which I think is attributed to its source material, but there are plenty of characters and camera-shy Akane to keep your mood up. It’s a good desert show.

Right meow?
Right meow?
#7 Non Non Biyori Repeat
Ren-chon for President 2016. She could beat Hillary and Trump with the Reverse Swallow.

#8 Gakkou Gurashi!
The first twist to this show was fairly obvious, even if didn’t quite expect it in the way it was presented, but that second punch to the gut was a little harder to swallow the second-time-around. Indeed, L4D Japan is quite the show, and it’s going to probably only get worse when she figures out where she actually is. By now, if this were an American show, we’d have shotguns and chainsaws out tearing these people apart, but the best you’ll get here is a shovel.

I now want to play L4D2 with the K-ON mod.

Fifty Shades of Zen.
Fifty Shades of Zen.
#9 Akagami no Shirayuki-hime
It’s quaint little show, but it fell a little father down in my priority list because it can sort of be slow, and I haven’t had many “slow” days. Still, it’s a very enjoyable series with a great main characters, who doesn’t afraid of anything.

#10 Charlotte
It’s a show about kids with powers. I mean, it’s a little more unique than some, but it effectively amounts to that discovery phase of the first season of Heroes where they find everyone and then blunder the world. But, it’s fun, just not quite as fun as the numbers above.

I'm not quite sure what message they're trying to send here.
I’m not quite sure what message they’re trying to send here.
#11 Kangoku Gakuen
It’s gritty, it’s chalk-full of suggestive posing, but beyond that lies a fairly mediocre show that I sort of tacked on to the season for lawls and still watch just to see if he’ll get his sumo date. Oh, and maybe to see if fat-face will lick more boots.

Sure is Simpsons in here.
Sure is Simpsons in here.
#12 Dragon Ball Super
I can’t say much about Dragonball Super, I mean, they all sort of putz around for a bit until Big Bad shows up and then they spend eighty episodes figuring out how to cut him once. A lot of people pointed out the non-key frame production quality in this last episode. I imagine it looks more noticeable to us in a Toei Animation show because we recall how it looked in the 90’s, and the movies have generally had higher budgets. It doesn’t really bother me that much, I do remember some bad frames from back then too. As for Goku getting his ass kicked in six seconds, welp. Seems like it will be an interesting season.

#13 Okusama ga Seito Kaichou!
It’s an eight-minute ride that sometimes ends in tits. I don’t know what else to make of it, other than it feels like maybe the first year I lived with my ex, except we had other roommates to spoil happy times with. By the time we got our own place, she dumped me. Dems the pits. Sure was World of Warcraft a lot that year.

There's a stain on that bed.
There’s a stain on that bed.
#14 Danchigai
I only have one sibling, and unlike anime, she was a pain-in-the-ass growing up. I often wondered what growing up would have been like with an older sister or brother. My wife has three siblings older and younger than her, so watching the four of them bounce off each other is an interesting dynamic. Watching this guy deal with four other women, we salute you. I made that mistake living with my mother and sister in high school.

#15 Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan
Haven’t even made it past the first episode. Maybe.

#16 Chaos Dragon: Sekiryuu Senyaku


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