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In Soviet China, Moe Polices YOU

Halfway through the winter season and a few shows are still going strong into their last half. Full season shows are starting to come around to their final arcs, so the next six weeks will prove to be all sorts of fun.. we hope. Once again I got lazy and forgot to snap screenshots for this week’s post, so I am borrowing them from Random Curiosity again.

You done pissed her off good now, Space Paris Hilton
Oh no you LE DIDN'T

The thing about Rinne no Lagrange is that the robot action is kind of a secondary function of the show. The primary function is Madoka and her club, and when Muginami enters the picture, eh. Alright, I have to go on point here to get this out of the way now, I think Muginami’s character is rubbish. First off, Muginami? That’s a silly name. Second, I get that she, like Lan, aren’t from Earth and represent their respective worlds that dragged their battle to Earth, but can you possibly be any more of a retarded idiot? The set up for her, then the execution, it just seemed sloppy to me. But I rolled with it, and in the end I’m glad I did, because the sixth episode was damn near one of the best action shots of the show, and finally we might see some serious shit before it probably lapses back a couple steps.

Seriously, what is it with the use of this face?
Become the Capitan. Smoke Weed. Everyday.

Apparently it is time for Marika to be a real pirate, stamped, sealed, and approved in this week’s Moretsu Pirates. Besides going all over the city to finalize the paperwork, she is also told she has to conduct a raid every so often to maintain the ship’s status with the authorities. So she, along with Chiaki they train in the fine art of all things pirate, and in the end, stage a mock heist of a cruise liner. All in a day’s work for our intrepid new pirate.

She makes Street Fighter look easy

Tsubasa starts to come around a little to Hibiki in this week’s Senki Zesshou Symphogear in advance of yet another fight with Chris, but this time Miku gets involved, and ends up finding out why Hibiki has been dodging her all this time. Lot of words in this episode, mostly dialogue between Tsubasa and Hibiki, but we’re treated to the “dere” side of Tsubasa this time, and how she can’t clean her room after herself.

Poor Rinon, luckiest thing alive

This week’s Natsumachi moves to Okinawa as the gang hits the beach for some fun and filming in the area, but Kaito runs into an unlikely acquaintance, a girl he knew in elementary school, Kaori Kinoshita. She announces that she intended to date and marry Kaito back then, and flirts endlessly with him now, which makes Ichika and and Kanna upset of course. To make matters worse, her friend Chiharu has taken to Tetsurou which is making Mio upset. Remon on the other hand finds all of this particularly hilarious, and tries to film as much as she can.

Never understood the vanity of getting out of the giant robot
You know, you could pull out a gun and.. oh.. right..

So the moment of triumph arrives… Asem finds out it’s… Zeheart. Shocker. Right after he defended him in the graduation ceremony too. What a dick. To make matters worse, Romary is there to find both of them standing outside their mobile suits as Zeheart gives him the Athrun Zala speech. Paint your suit red and self-destruct already, and I swear to god if you kill Romary I am going to flip this table.

He couldn't be Gai, so he chose to be Milhouse.
Bad, bad, Leeroy Shoe, baddest man in the whole damn town

The majority of folks on my Twitter feed are not fond of Guilty Crown for reasons valid and superfluous. Frankly, the fact that all it took to make Shoe an angsty Linkin Park cutting teen was the death of Hare-Hare Perky Tits means why the fuck didn’t they do this sooner? He now has decided that without her there is no reason for him to be nice anymore and institutes his dynasty of ranked Void warriors. Unfortunately for him, Arugo shows up to collect the former student council prez and runs into his SS along the way. Not believing Shoe to be a mean son-of-a-bitch he tries to act like his usual cocky self and ends up getting a girl killed, but not her directly, her Void being crushed after Show saves her. Turns out if you break the Void, you crystal-kill the user, and now Shoe is pissed because Yahiro didn’t inform him of this with Hare. I don’t understand why you people hate this show, I think it’s a fucking fantastic display of how much more retarded a bunch of kids can be in a post-Apocalyptic world with super powers. Oh, and Inori went full Yuno. How can people love The Walking Dead and not love its Japanese counterpart, Guilty Crown?

Been waiting for him to MAN UP

If parallel universes in anime exist, then Mirai Nikki is the alternate telling of Guilty Crown without super powers, but with cell phones, diaries, and crazy yandere women who kill their parents. Actually, this episode shows you why Yuno killed her parents, and I have to admit, it’s completely justified. No word on who the third body is still though. Meanwhile Yuki’s Dad, after killing his mother, assumes Yuki will still take him in despite Yuki knowing full well what happened. The sad thing is, the dumb shit tries to forgive him. In the end though, his dad got what he deserved, but before Yuki could fall, he decides to become God, and knifes his attackers before Yuno shows up. He states he will kill everyone else, including Yuno, and sadistic, tortured Yuno wouldn’t have it any other way it seems.

Would not want to be in front of that
Tsundere Elite

The Karen Bee Saga continues in this week’s Nisemonogatari as Araragi continues to try to get to the bottom of this mess. He uses his vampire powers to take half of the illness away from Karen, but still has to track down Kaiki Deishu. Senjougahara joins in to get some answers, or revenge, or something from Kaiki, and Shinobu reminds Araragi of the fact he has control over her as well, something she rather enjoys it seems.

This guy annoys me. Seriously.
'Have you met my brother, Stein? I hear he is a teacher these days'

The prelude the battle spins up again in Shakugan no Shana Final this week, as Yuji brings Yoshida to the castle to help Lamie with holding the city during the ritual, Hecate prepares to fulfill her role in the party, and Shana and Company rolls in to kick off the fight for the fate of Misaki City and the world. Remember, I have not read the novels, so none of you fucks better spoil this ending for me, I’m gunning for some maximum lawls and probably Yoshida sacrificing herself using that charm.

Despite that, flat chest is kinda want...
'You see these two orbs on my chest? They're bigger than yours, and I'm the queen. You mad?'

When you didn’t think it was possible, Zero no Tsukaima F pulls out the “Hot Springs Episode” and another round of lovey-dovey Louise and Saito just in time for FOREVERALONE Day. But wait, there’s more, you also get a bath fight between Louise and Henrietta, Tabitha is after Saito’s sperm, and Tiffa still has feelings for Saito. Harem season anyone?

'...you're not Kyubey...'

I know I said way back when that it’d be nice if Highschool DxD could balance titty fanservice with a plot, but lets face it, we probably won’t get much of a plot beyond the minimum required to move the rest along. But at least this show makes more effort to be worth watching than last season’s fare.

Milky Holmes is pretty much in limbo as the one fansubber doing it is taking their time on episodes, only four subbed and six out now. I’ve watched the raws, it’s still Milky Holmes, and they’re still doing Milky Holmes things.

I’ll update this with Papa Kiki tonight or tomorrow after it releases. Until then, enjoy your FOREVERALONE day. Except you 2D Waifu folks, then enjoy your FOREVERCOMINGONMYMONITOR day. Or tablet. Or whatever you jizz on.

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