In rare form, /m/ has taken very hard to the debut of the second part of Gundam AGE this week, in somewhat interesting fashion worthy of a full post. I will warn you now to get it out of the way, spoilers exist below for those who have not seen the first part of the show. I’m not going to bother blacktexting, if you don’t want to know what happens, turn away now.

There have been several threads on everything, but this one I archived earlier that I was most active in stands out above all. In AGE 16, we’re introduced to the second part’s main character, Asem, who is the son of Flit and Emily from the previous arc. It has been 25 years since the battle at Ambat, and together with Vargas and his sister Unoa, the family lives peacefully on another space colony. Flit is a commander in the Federation military while Asem is seen working on a small mobile suit for a school competition together with his friends.

I am serious, and don't call me Shirley
Flit 'Commander Badass' Asuno
He is seen as an upstanding boy with some connections through his father. His efforts catches the eye of classmate Romary Stone, whom we know nothing about quite yet. He also catches the attention of transfer student Zeheart Galette, whom may have connections to the Vagans from his actions towards the end of the episode. Flit returns home for Asem’s 17th birthday and entrusts the AGE device to him, standing rather boldly that it is his duty as the heir to the Asuno family to continue the tradition of protecting everyone. Towards the end of the episode, a Vagan attack occurs in the colony, possibly orchestrated by Zeheart. Asem decides to use the AGE-1 which was hidden in the shed the entire time to defend the colony successfully, while also rescuing Romary along the way.

A comedy show would be Emily pouring her drink on his serious face
'Have to maintain my serious face... can't just give him the AGE and say LOL HERE!'

Not many details were given about anything really, it jumped right into the story without any real set up, so we don’t know what happened in the 25 year timeskip, or anything about Flit and his family. Naturally, it was assumed that Emily would marry him and have their children, something Yurin fanboys simply got buttfrustrated over, which I imagine sparked this whole psychological analysis into Flit and Emily and how she was essentially the “consolation prize” after Yurin’s death. So if you’ve read the thread you’re up to the point where you’re trying to understand why everyone is analyzing this guy pretty hard based on a couple of seconds of video from the episode.

I mean seriously, you'll never have an imouto like this
Shit son, Emily's daughter? Totally worth it.

You might be able to pick out my posts but to save you some time, my take on this issue was fairly simple. The fact that Flit lost someone he cared about and tried to protect, combined with learning that Decil manipulated him, and that the “UE” were in fact renegade humans, dealt a major psychological blow to him in the final episode of the first arc. No longer was he fighting to protect his friends and eliminate the unknown attackers, he wanted them dead. He did not consider the Vagans human anymore, he cast aside their humanity on the sole basis of that humans should not be capable of harm upon others in such a fashion. They took away his family, his mother, his colony, his second colony, and Yurin, and he was prepared to fire that gun straight into Yark Dole if Grodek didn’t first. But through all of that, the person who has always stood by him and loved him from the beginning was and has been Emily. Even if we only saw a little bit of Emily through fifteen episodes, it was implied that she and Flit had been together since they were seven. At some point after Ambat, it’s not far from him to return her love eventually, getting married, and having kids. Yurinfags will tell you that she is just “a vessel” for his children, to continue his line so he can continue to fight the Vagan. Pretty bold projection based on a shot of her face when Flit gave Asem the AGE device. A better explanation would go back to when Flit volunteered to fight with the AGE-1 against Emily’s muted objections, something only voiced to Lalaparly Madorna, who told her that she was best to support his decisions and give him a place to come back to when everything was over.

I told you that you could pick up chicks with a tank!
'Oh hell, I am so going to have his kids at the end of this arc!'

So I am inclined to believe that they have a amicable relationship at best, and at worst, a relationship that is still fundamentally sound, but strained by the war continuing on without any end in sight. Being a military man, always away and working on trying to end the war and defeat the Vagan, it must be hard on Emily and their family to not have him always there for them. It’s nothing short of a real war story unfolding across generations instead of being condensed to just one set of characters. Imagine if this was SEED that didn’t end with Jesus Yamato and spanned into another generation. Things would be different, because for one, each new generation sees the world differently than the last. Flit took a gamble on Asem choosing to fight with the AGE, he could have chosen not to, and that would have turned the story differently. But he did, and we’ll be moving forward with a new sense of justice at the helm, perhaps one with less hatred than Flit has.

Of course, as this arc goes on, we’ll no doubt get some of these questions answered. Perhaps the Yurinfags end up being right, maybe Flit is so beyond broken that he cannot see Emily’s affection for him. But to project from only one episode is a bit laughable at best. Especially when you consider the first ED with the two of them, and the second ED showing Asem’s childhood with Flit. He seems to care for his kids, and while that isn’t mutually exclusive to caring for your wife, I’d like to think one good thing happened to him after all he lost at Ambat.

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