So that third body you all were wondering about? Turns out in this week’s Mirai Nikki Gasai Yuno isn’t Gasai Yuno at all, she is in fact that third body, dead. Which now begs the question of who Yuno really is and what she wants with Yuki. She already has said she will die by his hand to allow him to become a God, but what now? But really though, who cherishes their umbilical cord? Is that a thing in Japan?

Motorboat them! Do it NAO!
Boob envy. Start em' young.

This week’s Papa Kiki features more lovable Raika as she and the others come over for dinner, and then she comes back to teach Yuuta and Sora how to cook. A lovable little bath scene ensues between Raika and Sora but before the episode ends, the looming shadow turns out to be Yuuta’s landlord, who decided that she knew they were staying there, and wants him evicted by the end of the month. Next episode hints at some type of new living arrangement, or our hero sexes his landlord up to stay. Right, like that will happen.

She really wanted that bath

Madoka continues to try to understand Muginami’s feelings in Rinne no Lagrange this week, and takes the entire episode to do so before finally figuring it out and causing a cry-fest on the beach, which is interrupted by Lan demanding they all take a bath together. Silly girl. On the bright side, I still have no idea what is going on. Awesome!

That hairstyle must be genetic
Dique, you sly dog you. Well done man, well done.

Graduation is done and over as we catch up to where the show should spend the majority of its time in Gundam AGE as Asem joins Dique’s daughter, two other dudes, and Woolf as part of the relaunched Diva under Captain Millais Alloy. Asem pilots the new AGE-2 which sports a combination of Freedom/00 style wings with a flight mode similar to Wing. Zeheart meanwhile takes command of the his forces and decides to toy with the Diva, finding out that the AGE-2 is on board and suspects Asem is with them. It will be interesting to see what goes on from here.

Alright, I guess that makes sense... no... no not really...
Uh... yeah...

So Kitahara is a nudist… or rather her parents are, and that seems to rub off on her somewhat, as she states this to be the reason she rubbed her lady parts up on Tetsurou’s junk in the last episode. Still, she successfully manages to snag him away from the crazy bitch and confesses. Meanwhile Ichika and the other girl talk head-to-head where she tells Ichika she liked Kaito, but he turned her down, like her other boyfriend. Later on Kaito starts to sort of confess himself to Ichika, but a drunk Kanna interferes and the episode ends.

It would be funny if it was.
Yes, that is a bus. No, it is not shopped.

The genie is out of the bottle this week in Shana as Yoshida lets Pheles go, only to find her life won’t be sacrificed after all, as it was a test to prove her resolve, and Pheles steps in to tap Johan out of Darth Yuji, who starts to take the Reiji Maigo, but stops as he hashes out a debate on love with Yuji, and ultimately allows him to keep the device, but only after they make their escape in a VW bus away from the scene of battle. Shana continues the fight, as we barrel into the winding conclusion.

Should've aimed for the knees
I used to be a monster who turned into a giant sword. Then I took an arrow to the chest.

Oh Guilty Crown, it’s so hard to talk about this show, because I find reasons to enjoy it, but it is not well-liked anywhere, though no matter how many people cry DROPPED they continue coming back for more. So Shoe lost his arm in the last episode as Neo-Gai swooped in and stole his power, leaving him missing an arm and more emo than ever. Inori tries to stay by him, but then attempts to sacrifice herself to save him. Foolish choice of course. Now, I’m not sure how this will end, because Shoe technically has no power and can’t do shit, and Gai seems to have this thing licked. I found myself feeling bad for Shoe really, because all he was trying to do was bring order to chaos, and those bastard kids sold him out and got burned themselves, especially that slut Arisa. Just how many cocks do you need to swallow to make yourself feel better? Unbelievable.

Wah I can't suck her clit because she lied to me waaaaah. Cunt.
Ungrateful bitch. Seriously.

Poor Hibiki, first she saves her best friend Miku and then the dumb bitch throws her away because she “lied.” Listen bitch, she lied to protect you and everyone else. Stop being an ungrateful little whore who is upset she doesn’t have her yuri-buddy to sleep with and show some respect. Now the girl is going to probably emo out, and destroy the world. I hope only you two are the only ones left so you can wallow in your misery for… hrm… actually, on second thought, do that. Darth Hibiki might be interesting.

I always love firing my gun. A lot.

Luxary liner warfare is on the menu again this week in Moretsu Pirates but it looks to be a little different this time, they took on a child, who wants only to speak to the captain. WHAT WILL MARIKA DOOOOOO? Actually I was a bit disappointed by this episode, because I thought more would happen, but I guess it’s starting to slow down a bit and breathe after all the things that have happened before. Besides, it’s a 24 episode show, so they can certainly take their time a little. Just used to the fireworks by now I guess.

He's getting dere-dere tonight!Seriously, WHAAAAAAAT?YES PLEASE

Lucky sons of bitches.

Spring 2012 post is up, chart tomorrow hopefully, bunch of new prospects this season along with Korean Zombie Desk Car 2 and a Saki side story. Check em’

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