Once again due to many other things in life I’ve missed two weeks of rankings and reviews on current animu. I also forgot to find raunchy screenshots in which to use for appropriate commentary, so once more I have to steal SOURCE images from Random Curiosity again. I hope this dude doesn’t mind me using his screenshots. But I figure linking to his site every time I do helps a little, right?

I will note that I still haven’t watched the tenth episodes of Zero and Lagrange. I don’t know why, they’ve been downloaded for days, but like I said, all sorts of wacky shit this week, so I will add those reviews to this post tonight hopefully. Now then, going in order:

Gundam AGE 22

Professional badass over here.
What, no blind rage-- YOU KILLED MY WAIFU or anything? Just that? Wow.

Honestly, this show has gotten so much better over time than I ever could have hoped for. Everything I used to make fun of in the first half of the first arc has been trumped at every pass in the last half of the first arc and most of the second. That being said, a few people tried to jump in and compare the Shinn and Kira complex to Flit and Asem, but it’s not the same. Kira stole the main character spotlight from Shinn against a nondescript enemy. Flit on the other hand rekindled an old grudge and potentially final fight with that smug bitch Desil, but instead of going batshit insane from the death of his waifu, he handled that shit like a pro and Desil was handed another defeat. This will set the stage for hopefully an awesome final battle where Desil dies like the little bitch he is. Meanwhile Asem still can’t seem to find his stride in the Gundam, being handed another defeat by Zeheart who keeps trying to state that he is the better fighter because he cares about something, or someone, I dunno. I don’t think Asem is going to hit full power until either Romary dies, which I hope doesn’t happen, or Flit dies, which I also hope doesn’t happen. Is there a third trigger we can use to get this kid going FULL BOSS mode?

Moretsu Pirates 10


This episode was probably one of the best episodes of the show so far, and the best way to describe it is to say it was very Hunt for Red October like if you replace Sean Connery with Marika. She very much demonstrated her cunning here, even if she had a bit of help. It was also fun to get some short but sweet Chiaki time also dressed up full pirate and talking the talk. This Serenity arc they’re in right now isn’t too bad, but considering this is a full season show, I am left wondering what they’re going to be doing as this series continues, as I am sure they’ll conclude the Serenity arc soon. Still, I could probably ride on Marika’s SMOKE WEED EVERYDAY face and Chiaki’s tsundere all day and still be amused.

Mirai Nikki 21

Oh Yuki, you card.
The best part of waking up, is Yuno in your cup

This series really hit its stride in the last quarter of the show, and while this episode was also good, it felt a little dry compared to the past few. Yuki is still in badass mode, as he in convinced if he becomes God, he can revive everyone. Frankly, I hope this isn’t the case, because as I said long ago, if this turns into Mai Hime I am going to GIGADROPPED this show just to save face with myself, knowing full well that dropping a show after you’ve watched the whole thing is fucking stupid. I still can’t get over feeling that half of this show was inspired by the SawNisemonogatari 10

Vampires love donuts. Didn't you know?

If you thought you understood where this story was going, you’re about to be sent in a new direction as Araragi and Shinobu visit a donut shop, only to run into Kaiki Deishu again, who claims to have information on the two newcomers, Yozuru Kagenui and Yotsugi Ononoki, but not as much as Araragi hoped. Fortunately he runs into them when he returns home, but not before they attempt to blow away his sister Tsukihi. Shinobu negotiates a temporary truce, as they attempt to figure out what Yozuru means when she says Tsukihi is not what she appears to be.

Ano Natsu de Matteru 10

If you had glasses I would have chosen you. A shame.
Sorry Charlie, you aren't a red-head with big tits. Or an alien. Feels bad,bro.

I enjoy the fact this show has stayed consistent with every episode, and I’m pretty pleased that they finally ironed out the love triangles in this episode, Ichika with Kai, Tetsurou and Mio, and poor, poor Kanna. Maybe Remon will hook up with her for a lesbian pair. It looks like the next episode will see the trusted ol’ “alien sister arrives” plot which will lead to the I DON’T WANNA GO line and all. Secretly, in the back of my mind, I was hoping that it would be Mizuho showing up and Ichika be in fact her and Kei’s kid from Onegai Teacher but I am sure some fanfiction nerd will tie that up for us in a bow someday.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear 10

Perfect for tsunderes
Manly tits. Achieving the same effect as Womanly Tits

The one problem I’ve had with this show, which reflects in my weekly ratings, is that it had a strong start, but as soon as they introduced Bitchy McBitchTits Tsundere-Pants, it’s like they WANT to make you like her by making her turn over to the Good Guys just in time to pull the plot twist on Scientist Lady being the bad guy, or good guy? It’s a bit confusing. Also, the use of English in anime… look, I’m not opposed to it, but considering it is 2012 and you can get high-quality audio recorded from some dude’s computer over to Japan in minutes, can you not hire a real English speaker to do English lines for your anime and put that in the show and localize/subtitle for Japanese fans? It’s like they do it on purpose so English fansubbers have to localize the fucking English as well as the Japanese in the show. Again, 2012. You should be able to solve this. Fuck, I’ll do it for free. Male or female voice, I’ll figure it out. I don’t enjoy Americans fucking up Japanese words, so I also don’t enjoy Japanese people fucking up English words. There is a reason I don’t pretend I know Japanese, I’m not a retard.

Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai 10

I'd hit it.
Les YAY!

A fairly low-key episode of Papa Kiki this week, Sora battles trying to balance her studies, singing, cooking, and the family. Likewise, Atarashi is also struggling with her part in the LunaLuna series ending and without landing a new gig, would have to move back home in the countryside. Fortunately, by the end, Sora rekindles her spirit in singing, and Atarashi lands a small role that keeps her in town. Also, Raika is hot. Not that you needed reasons to watch this show besides her and Hina.

Shakugan no Shana 22

Not going to miss this guy

We’re coming closer and closer to full-tilt as Yoshida and Co. manage to get away from the attacking Denizens and inadvertently contribute to the Seeking Researcher Dantalion’s end, though I have a feeling he is not gone yet. Wilhelmia in the mean time looks to be getting back in this game after whatever daze she was in, and when Darth Yuji and Co. thought they won the game, it looks like Margery Daw poisoned their water hole which isn’t making “The General” too happy since it’s affecting Hecate. Shit looks to be heating up for the next episode.

Guilty Crown 20

My heart will go on

So now that we’ve set Shoe up with another Void Genome which lets him use Voids as well as absorb other people’s cancer, we’re setting up for a final showdown between him and Darth Gai who along with Inori-Mana is poised to counter the UN/GHQ force from Japan to build his new evolved world. Frankly, I’m not sure how this is going to end, and I’m not sure how I want it to end either. I really don’t care if Shoe lives or dies, in fact, it’s probably better if he dies along with Gai for being dicks, because frankly Mana needs to play Juliet and kill herself in the end. But I’m waiting for the Tomino end where everyone is going to die and it’s just Shoe and Mana left to continue their incest relationship she apparently wanted from Day One, according to the flashbacks in this episode. Awkward.

High School DxD 10

I tear women's clothes off 3X FASTER in RED

I have to remind people every week that when I say HSDxD is awesome, I don’t mean its plot, I mean its stupid goofy humor and fanservice. That’s what it is, and I am glad that for once, it is not pretending to be a serious show above what it really is, and that is a nonsensical tits and ass fanservice show. That being said, the power to rip women’s clothes off is a little cheeky for Issei, really, but appropriate considering his character. I consider the GOOD END to this show being Issei getting his all-girl slave harem with or without Rias, but I’m sure they’ll end this show in some neutral and open-ending way to either push a sequel, or not give a shit.

The season is coming to a close soon, by the end of the month, and then in April we start up with new shows and a new outlook on life. Hopefully I will be able to provide more regular updates as the season closes, but if I don’t manage to slip in one more update, then stay tuned for the final review on all but two of these shows for the season.

As for the title of this post?

Flit X and the X-Rounders

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