Slow Season Hiatus

I’ll be real honest, this season? Pretty dull. Don’t get me wrong, several shows have excellent high points, and I am not going to completely abandon this season, but with so much else going on (read: Starbound) I don’t think I am going to get to many posts this season compared to previous.

Now I know I spent an entire previous post lamenting over convention bullshit and personal introspection about my weeaboo-ness, but the fact is, there are other things I could be doing besides anime, even if it’s anime-related like drawing. I have stacks of video games unplayed, and stacks of games/systems I want to buy/play. I have a car I actually want to drive, wash, and be one of those guys, a puppy that requires constant vigilance so she doesn’t destroy every small cable in the apartment. Watching anime, really, hasn’t interfered with these things, since I watch shows on weekends mainly, but then I am inclined not to do anything besides watch anime on weekends, the only days I have to do shit.

So you may notice that my posts and tweets might slow down a bit in the next few weeks as we get closer to the end of the season. I’ll probably still make fun of Chu2Koi, because it’s hilariously stupid, and there might be some quips about Nobunagun, Kill la Kill, and others, but I figure since this season is a dull affair in general, I might as well use it to get some other stuff done. Maybe I’ll even write more in this thing.

TL;DR: Nothing of value was lost. The whole three of you who read this don’t give a shit, and you shouldn’t. Business as usual.

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