As the subject might suggest, I moved a month ago into a house we bought on top of a hill a stone’s throw (no, really) from the town border. Moving is in fact one of the worst things in the world, and the next time I have to do it, I am hiring cheap labor to do it, because that is the goddamn American dream.

But anyway, I’ve been in and out of here trying to finish up this season and preview next season, and it has been difficult. Between moving, Mario Marathon, Steam Summer Sale, and a number of house projects, I am just not getting around to looking at the charts for next season, and that starts in what, a week? Fuck.

So if I flake out on any reviews or anything.. well.. deal with it. I’ll try to get to the good ones at least. This season really let me down on many fronts, but there were a few decent flicks to keep some hope alive. Not by much though.

But hey, with this awesome deck, I can sit outside and sip my drink and watch anime.

Wait, it’s the outdoors. What the fuck am I thinking?

I need a hammock!


  1. Now that I’m facing the prospect of real career my parents keep pushing hard for me to get a house like a proper citizen.

    But god damn I loathe the idea of owing anything, especially to a bank.

    1. I get the feeling as soon as I look at the mortgage bill this month, I am just going to want to set it on fire and move to Belize. Seems like the only solution.

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