Summer 2014 Preview

I might make a chart for this, but until then, pretend there is a chart of fancy text instead of girls who look like dogs.


Blazing Saddles
Rail Wars! Hold the fucking press here, it’s anime about train workers, fighting other train workers, over trains? Lots and lots and LOTS of trains?


Is this not why you’re here?

Aldnoah.Zero Well, it’s time for the GEN UROBUCHI HYPE HOUR, because you know where he goes, the crowd follows. But considering you’re combining directors of several fantastic shows to do something that kind of looks to me like Nadesico set in the past, why the hell not?

Tokyo ESP I honestly thought of Tokyo Underground when I saw this, and that is entirely based on the fact that it has similar premises in special powers. But this seems to take X-Men’s Kitty Pryde and just run with the motions. I’m in.

What in the Wide World of Sports is a-goin’ on here?
Hanayamata This seems like it will be one of those “anything goes” entries of the season, which are hit or miss, but when they hit, they’re refreshingly pleasent.

Akame ga Kill! It looks like it might be worth something, but is it? The million-dollar question.

Sabagebu! Survival games eh? Well it might not be C3-bu, but if it’s tea-time with a twist, who am I to judge?

Himegoto I’m typically not a fan of crossdressing, especially at anime conventions, but I’m previewing this one to see if it makes any attempt to slide under the radar like GJ-bu did. But let’s be real, it won’t be GJ-bu.

Glasslip An original slice-of-life? Romcom? Not sure which, but it is worth a try.

Hey, where da white women at?
Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen I’ll say it again as I’ve said it eighty times, XEBEC. If you have time for shit like this, make me a goddamn fucking new season of Stellvia. But I do robots, so I’ll preview the first episode.

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Dogakobo that isn’t a LN? Maybe want. But the romcom premise has me on Defcon Potato.

Jinsei If romcoms are Defcon Potato, LNs are Defcon Kool-Aid Man, waiting to bust through the wall with sugar water and rays of burning sunlight. But Dear Abby: The Anime? Hell, I’ve heard worse.

Rokujyouma no Shinryakusha!? Again, LN, but ghost girl harem? Who ya gonna call?

Meeting is adjourned.
SAO S2 I haven’t even seen the first, but I have it on good authority that if I do, I can still hurt myself if I jump off the deck. Thrice if I attempt to scale the roof and bring down that old satellite dish at the top. Both are preferable to SAO.

Sailor Moon Crystal I was never a Sailor Moon fan, even in the Toonami days. Perhaps it was the Americanization of it that turned me away, where my cousins were way more into it, and despite many people telling me that much like DBZ, the subbed Japanese version is great, I probably won’t get to it. I might get curious and watch one though just to see the style change.

Space Dandy S2 Dandy fans are like Joss Whedon fans. Everything HAS to be Firefly, nothing is EVER Firefly, but they refuse to tarnish the great name of their lord and savior. For Dandy fans, it will never BE Bebop, but fuck if they are taking that sitting down with Doritos and Baja Blast Mountain Dew. Short answer, nope.

Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance What’s this? Infinite Stratos called? They want their shitty light novel adaptation back?


Well how about “De Camptown Ladies”
Ai Mai Mi Mousou Catastophe This is the best show to watch on a tablet when sitting on the shitter. I shit you not. I cleared the last four episodes evacuating my bowels from what I imagine was a terrible idea to eat Taco Bell for dinner. A+++++++ WILL SHIT AGAIN

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