Quick Look: Third Week Roundup

Per usual I have fallen behind because the weather is nice out, and that of course means I remember I own a house and with all the snow gone, it’s reminding me HEY YOU FAT FUCK, YOU HAVE SHIT FROM LAST FALL TO CLEAN UP! Fuuuuuuuck. Being an adult sucks. I also have one more First Look post coming out tonight, but forgot to save the screens I was going to use to Dropbox because reasons. So expect that too.

Lazy Post: Closing Out the Season

I’m mostly caught up with shows I started this season save for a few that I don’t think are going to be very revolutionary (Koufuku Graffiti) and I am probably not even going to bother with (Juuou Mujin no Fafnir). I always try to hit the big ones each week so I am good on…

Lazy Post: Catching Up on Anime

Something about the mid-season hits me seemingly every season now, I just don’t rush to watch every episode immediately when it releases. Dunno why. Probably because I only have one day to really do everything I want to unhindered by the joys of everyday adult life. So naturally I’ve spent the last few Saturdays focusing on video game streaming and such, and neglecting anime. That caused my queue to build up to an impressive forty episodes of unwatched anime. Yesh.

I chewed on about an eighth of that last weekend, and going to try to power through the rest this week, but here is a little bit of what I wrought: