Something about the mid-season hits me seemingly every season now, I just don’t rush to watch every episode immediately when it releases. Dunno why. Probably because I only have one day to really do everything I want to unhindered by the joys of everyday adult life. So naturally I’ve spent the last few Saturdays focusing on video game streaming and such, and neglecting anime. That caused my queue to build up to an impressive forty episodes of unwatched anime. Yesh.

I chewed on about an eighth of that last weekend, and going to try to power through the rest this week, but here is a little bit of what I wrought:

  • Isuca
  • It’s basically Shakugan no Shana with a bow and arrow instead of a sword, and Noragami without Hiyori. I’ve only watched the first two episodes so far, so judgement reserved, but I am not expecting much from a show that starts out grimdark and pivots on its dick.

  • Aldnoah.Zero
  • At this point, we’re just riding along for the trainwreck ending, what with Jesus Inaho still downing anything and everything with cold precision, Judas Slaine waiting for his chance to take down Our Lord and Savior, the princess finally waking up to a shitstorm, and everyone else doing what they do best, nothing of interest in a mediocre plot. Honestly, I am disappointed with this series, because the way it started and some of the elements seemed genuinely interesting to me, but it squanders almost any and all worldbuilding it could do with Vers and the 37 Clans on Stupid Fucking Inaho. We’ve all seen Gundam AGE. We know how this is probably going to end.

  • KanColle
  • Not having any first-hand experience of the game, it’s difficult for me to really say how this is working for those who have and are coming in with pre-set expectations. My expectations are pretty simple, a simple show with ship girls. So far, it’s hitting that mark and then some. But I am still trying to figure out when the mood darkens and the plot thickens.

  • Log Horizon
  • httpss://

    Honestly, I am a bit lost in some of these story threads going all over the place. With few episodes remaining, I’m wondering how they will all converge and make sense. I’m also trying to make sense of Roe 2 and her role, since she looks very similar to Shiroe (ten bux she is his sister or someshit). Overall with this season though, apart from the full raid at the start, and the city siege, I have been less than impressed with the overall direction of the season. The character development has been great, but I’m not sure we’re getting any more out of the young’ins we didn’t get from the first season dungeon training. Still, better than SAO.

  • Dog Days”
  • httpss://

    I feel like this season is extra campy on purpose, what with all the happy and cooperation and whatnot. It’s completely fine for this show, because it’s as light and airy as the wardrobe malfunctions that occur often, but I keep finding myself wanting to go back and watch the first season, because Leon was a lot more grittier. We did at least get to see her unleash hot furry in the most recent episode, with her infamous axe even.

  • Shinmai Maou no Testament
  • I want this show to become DxD Lite because anything worth doing is worth doing well, and that means if you’re going to make a fighting fanservice show, make a meal out of it. That said, expectations have been met, but our main female leads? Not nearly up to par with DxD’s much stronger, much more confident female cast. At the risk of sounding all sarky, there is a bit too much damsel troping in this show for my taste. If she’s the demon princess, I’m going to expect at some point she going Super Saiyan and wastes someone, preferably the weird kid from the village who wasn’t in the first fight.

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  1. “Jesus Inaho”
    I take offense to that, I really do.
    The series clearly established that Inaho is not the son of a god. That would be ridiculous.
    He is Odin, the father of all gods.

    Regarding Log Horizon.
    I think the problem is that they set up too many plot threads at the start of the second half with Kanami traveling to the Japanese server, the NPCs raising an army of their own and the PCs trying to leave this world by dying very much. And I think I forgot one or two of the smaller plotpoints.
    For Roe 2 I call Shiroe-fangirl.

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