The Super Saturday Season Catch Up

I’ve been slacking the last few weeks, not even to put up a mid-season impressions post. So today I am binge-watching my entire backlog and putting down notes to draw new posts from. Refresh this periodically throughout the day for more words.

I have to say, the strongest episodes have definitely been in the middle, with Bell getting his level up and sticking it to that minotaur in front of Aiz. Hestia’s appearances have been downplayed for the increased presence of Lili and now Welf, it seems we’re getting a real party here. Kinda makes me want to go fire up Torchlight or Torchlight II now.

Hibike! Euphonium
Watching this show pulls up feels from close to twenty years ago, when I played brass in elementary school. I often regret staying with that into middle and high school. Then I could at least used being a band nerd as some kind of shield from teen life.
Seriously, I am still sort of not believing that I am watching a KyoAni show. It’s almost as if they’ve let themselves make a dozen mistakes over the years to finally come around and acknowledge that K-ON! is still their best work.

Owari no Seraph
I’m telling you, if I could have Hayami Saori record her voice for my voicemail greeting, I’d be a pretty happy person. But apart from that, this show actually is a good watch, from a strong OP to those typical tropes of GAINING POWER QUICKLY because >REVENGE

Fortunately it is not taking any Black Bullet style shortcuts so far, so if it stays that way, we’ll have a winner. I notice a second season has been announced, so we definitely know it’s not ending in a few weeks. Hopefully the end won’t be a typical LOL END either.


Highschool DxD BorN
I fell behind on DxD the most because FFF releases were lagging behind for what I presume to be the end of the college year, and Horrible releases are censored. I will have none of that shit in my anime. I’m still in the process of running my wife through the second season, though Deep Space Nine has gotten in the way of that.


I sort of like how they are slowly introducing more supernatural elements and lore into the show, with Loki, Thor, Odin, and such. The show always seems to balance lewd and class very well. Some may disagree, but you can’t please em all.


Plastic Memories
One of the things we don’t really consider androids to have is a life span. Every famous android in science fiction has always been aware that even if they have a near-infinite life span, they’re still exposed to the dangers of the real world. Data’s death at the end of Star Trek Nemesis was such a thing that when I saw it in theaters back then, the entire room fell silent. You don’t steel yourself for the loss of something you’ve conditioned yourself to believe lives forever. So what this show is doing behind a veneer of awkward situational comedy and pseudo-matchmaking is present a rather grim, tragic reminder that even the most well-made of robotic creations given life, will never live forever, and what actually matters, are the memories they create. Because the human tragedy is not that our bodies stop, but that the consequence of that is our memories disappear.

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