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A late report this week due to Katsucon, so instead of reviewing last week’s Dragon and Zombie, I will include this week’s that I just watched. That’s brisk baby…

There's what, a few SISTERS around there? Back the fucker up!
How can you turn a face like that down?

Index 19 shifts over to Accelerator who seems to have gotten in a bind with his old nemesis Kihara, who seems to be on orders to capture Last Order. Sadly it seems our evil-turned-good-by-cute thrust vectoring pal can’t work his way out of this one, but manages to send Last Order flying to the man who might be able to save him, good ol’ reliable TouMAN who will no doubt save the day, monologue more than The Riddler, and get bitten by Index in the end. Oh, and Vento of the Front is in town, but Allster seems to know what’s up.

This does not make me a furry, I do not yiff.
Oh you cute little fox you

Dragon Crisis 07 wraps up the introduction of Ai (or Aika) the fox girl introduced in the last episode. Apparently she uses the earrings to find that her “master” was just using her and that Ryuji will protect her, blah blah and so on. Frankly, this is becoming less action and more harem, and really it’s not as I am opposed to that, but I was expecting a little more substance from this series that is flip-flopping in and out of every episode.

She's just hatin' cause he stylin'
I'd say he should look up, but there is nothing to look -at-

Fractale 07 seems to be settling with the “terrorists” being the center of this enigma, and Phryne being the one who seems to know what is going on, electing not to say anything. Still, for a mostly story-based series, it’s pretty good and still contains some witty and humorous scenes throughout.

Can I lick your pipe too?
Can I lick your face?

GOSICK 07 continues the return to the village arc where Victorique is attempting to uncover the real killer to be someone other than her mother, Cordellia. The maid in this episode reminds me of Nina from Code Geass with the whole crazy-eyes hands-to-face expression as seen after she lost her lid, fucked a table, and tried to kill everyone. The maid sadly does not do this, but we can’t rule anything out yet. Also, it seems that random people keep dying. Chaos! Chaos everywhere!

She can stop an IS with an IS sword with her bare hands? MONACLE SMILE

Infinite Stratos 07, well, so Germany is batshit insane and tries to choke-kill Britain and China, Ichika comes to the rescue only to be interrupted by his sister wielding an IS sword and then gets a sneak peek of France’s ass. Lucky him. They set us up for another CLASS BATTLE which will probably be the turning point for Germany to dere up for him and complete the harem. France is still my favorite so far, though Japan and Britain are hot on the tail.


Zombie 07 throws in another Vampire Ninja Sera knows who uses food to kill of some megalo the trio were fighting, in which our intrepid zombie falls on and steals a kiss from her, making her his wife by Vampire Ninja customs. To complicate those matters, it seems she was in his school all along. Also, Dai-sensei has him holding on to a pair of glasses which apparently allows him to see through clothes. This will no doubt be used on Sera in the next episode. I wonder if Yuu’s plate armor reflects it?

Done lost her head. Heh. Heh. Too soon?
She's gone

Madoka 07 shows us once more how much of a dick Kyubey is towards his angels as he demonstrates just how their souls are linked to their pain, stepping on Sayaka’s gem causing her to writhe in pain. She then gets the backstory on Kyouko and why she became a magical girl. Sayaka chooses to fight anyway and during the battle seems to snap mentally, charging forth no matter what the danger. Frankly, at this point, I’m going to say either she or Kyouko dies next, likely Kyouko because it will impact Sayaka the most, but if Sayaka goes it will impact Kyouko too, being one more thing she last lost because of her actions. Speculah’a’plenty.

Which one is Frog?

Super Robot Wars OG 20, finally, Arado gets Seolla back from the toothless witch and double-teams the robot kids, as Excellen returns possessed by Alfimi, meanwhile Kusuha and Bullet inherit the power of the ancient tiger and dragon to defeat Alfimi’s plan. Latune and Shine come back out to dual-wield and the episode ends with the forecasted Sanger versus Wodan showdown. Should be fuckwin as hell.

Waitress Merry

Yumekui Merry 07 goes for the obligatory beach episode, but mixes in a plot piece as to who is stealing people’s dreams, setting up likely the next episode’s battle between Merry and Chizuru no doubt. Sad and depressed Merry is no fun, which made this episode a little less fun than the rest before.

Post-con fatigue is starting to set in, going to be a rough day returning to work tomorrow. Being around art all weekend started to get me in the mood of trying to pick back up drawing, so I hope to motivate myself to starting to sketch a little each week and try to build myself back up, and hopefully get better at it. Also going to start looking into working on repainting Nerf guns to Borderlands colors and maybe even consider a Crimson Lance Soldier or Marcus cosplay for next year.

In the meantime, PAX East is coming up next month. Stay tuned to my main blog for details.

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