2012: A Look Back At Another Year of Animated Foolishness

That's going to get annoying after awhile


2012 is out, 2013 is in, and all things considered, we had a hell of a year for both established franchises and new shows. It’s particularly hard for me to really drill down and pick favorites from this year’s draw, but since I’m in that end-of-the-year mode, let’s go into my list of shows, characters, stories, and more that I found great from this year in anime.

As Fast As I Can Breathe

It’s been six years since we’ve been graced with one of Japan’s longer-running and still publishing manga-turn-anime, Initial D, a show known even by people who don’t watch anime, because it involves street racing and drifting, and helped make The Fast and the Furious a hit here in America. Well Fifth Stage is finally here, and you know that that means. More goddamn AE86 action.