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Some say the current state of anime leans too far towards the same-old same-old, the moeshit, the fluff, or whatever you like to call it. Perhaps I don't have rich tastes, but my selection from this season's pile has so far been pretty good to [...]

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First Look

Rotten to the Core

More series premieres, more good stuff. In this edition, we go over Genshiken Nidaime and why I fear it will not live up to its predecessors. Highschool DxD S2 which sets the start-to-tits on screen record at four seconds, and Senki Zesshou [...]

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The last weeks of a season are always the worst for me, because I get so excited for the new season and the ending shows always tend to cop out at the end. Compiled with work, PAX East 2012, and my engagement to a woman who somehow allows me to do [...]

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