Light Death Metal

So as we near the end of the spring season and run closer to the summer pantsu witches season, I’ve found that my choices to watch keep shrinking with each season. Either I am picky, or not a whole lot is coming out these days. I’ve been filling that with manga, having cleared all of Genshiken, and wondered why the hell they didn’t stick to the manga in the end of the anime. Crazy yaoi girl’s relationship with shy-weeaboo was cute in the manga. Wait, what the fuck am I saying? Ah crap.

Moving on.

is it me, or are her tits getting larger in each episode?
...what I meant to say, was your princess is in another castle.

Demon Lord 11 concludes part of the epic-battle-for-some-reason by further confusing why it took place to begin with. Look, all we know is, there are “Gods” and they have some system. What system? What Gods? Who the fuck is blond hair boy? Oh wait, Kenna with blond hair? Time travelers? Oh son of a bitch. Look, the story and characters were perfectly fine up until you started fucking with everything and the only way out of it was to jump into a epic battle with no real warning and invent some shit to make it all sound plausible. Either show me what happened, or lets wrap this up Kampfer-style and call it a day. Sheesh. I rather liked Kenna and Junko too.

I suppose I can't say much with my MAL record
did someone say weeaboo?

Neko Overrun 10 pulled a double-GlaDOS on you with a girl you thought might be a “stray cat” and cake that was in fact not a lie, but no one saw it get eaten. Otherwise there was some extra dialogue, a lot of wordswordswords from Fumino and the loli, some quips from Nozomi, and a terrible joke at the end.

she looks like she will rip your soul out and teach it english
don't you fuck with light music, son, sawa doesn't take your shit

K-ON! 10 gives us a taste of how Sawa and her friends being the former Light Music Club, rocked your fucking socks off. It’s hilarious how every time I listen to a song by Tenacious D, I always end up thinking about K-ON!! and how it’s like some sort of moe version of Jack Black sipping tea and then rocking your fucking socks off while being completely clueless about your surroundings. It’s like glorious magic.

you can call me, Hikaru
oh goddamit, why do I have this fetish again?

Angel Beats 11 throws another twist in the plot, monsters that consume players and turn them into NPC’s. By now you are wondering if this really is the after-life, or The Sims: Anime School-Comedy Edition where the ending is going to be LOL GUYZ I LOADED TEH LUNIX ON THE SERVER and the whole world turns into a game of Tux. Actually, it’d end up like an anime version of Reboot except it needs more Matrix and AndrAIa.

actually mine was being stuck in -the bush- until 7am in the morning. not for the weak-hearted.
that's totally how my first sexual encounter was like

Working 11 You get the impression by now that they’re slowly trying to tell you that Inami likes Takanashi and that it’s only a matter of time before they get autoshipped and we either end the series or move on to the next thing. It is humorous to note that I used to know a girl that claimed to be afraid of guys, but I’m fairly certain that was a cover to elicit sympathy. Girls want it just as much as guys do, if they deny it, they’re just trying to not portray themselves as sluts. Or they’re lesbian. That’s cool too, but some of those girls actually do punch guys. Inami is too cute to be a dyke.

Just a few more weeks until PANTSU WITCHES. You can’t wait, you flying furry loli bastard!

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