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Let us began.

you remembered the song we spammed in barrens chat?
excuse me miss, would you happen to know the key of the twilight?

Angel Beats‘s ending was disappoint. I realize by this point that they pretty much gave us a .hack//SIGN ending and made the whole damn thing sound like one big computer game, but to draw out an entire episode on a “graduation” with only the remaining members of the SSS only to pretty much give us this forced-shipping between Otanashi and Tachibana was just… what? Don’t get me wrong, the final episode was fine, but the graduation could have included everyone, given their relative little screentime throughout the series, or more specifically, ever since the plot shifted to Tenshi.

Overall though, I enjoyed Angel Beats, and it was fun to watch. Given how much more they’d have to come up with to go a full 26 episodes, it probably made more sense to keep it at 13 and let the viewer figure the rest out. Was it heaven, or was it a game? Was there really a God? It was a fairly open-ended ending, and while I doubt they will make any more, judging from the final 30 seconds pictured above, I’m betting it was a very elaborate game. Second Life perhaps.

Title: Angel Beats
Sub Group I Watched: Mazui, UTW
Episodes: 13
Rating (1-10): 8

...before breakfast. BEFORE FUCKING BREAKFAST.
He hacked God's Gibson...

Demon King by far was more disappoint than Angel Beats. Not only did they just invent the whole fucking story pretty much towards the end, but they gave us this half-assed ending that resolved nothing and pretty much was LOL HAREM ENDING but with LOL MAGICKS. I felt this series had the potential to be awesome, sort of like a reverse-Harry Potter in the sense that the kid turned out to be evil and did evil shit instead of being goody-two-shoes. Of course his intentions we’re good, but perhaps that was the flaw all along. They barely explained his past or why he became the Demon Lord, only that this “God System” controlled people. Wow, tell me something conspiracy theorists don’t know.

Title: Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou
Sub Group I Watched: CrunchySubs (censored) CrunchyRemux (uncensored)
Episodes: 12
Rating (1-10): 6

they should totally get the osbournes on this show
what, no mosh pit?

K-ON!! 12 goes out to the experience that is an outdoor concert series. Nothing too grabby comes out of this episode, Mio seems to enjoy the bands and the fact there is a lefty guitar, or maybe just lefties, Ned Flanders would be proud. Yui of course wants food and Azu gets sunburned again. Good times. They talk of wanting to play in the next festival, perhaps with this series going to 26 (or so MAL says) they just may.

I swear her tit size keep changing every episode
obvious fanservice is obvious

Neko Overrun 12 continues to spin in whatever direction they want with a almost West Side Story-type faceoff over what style of shorts the girls should wear in the sports competition, which can be summed up as Nozomi’s catchprase.. “Nyan” along with the revelation that she isn’t as stray as she thought she was. Still one more episode left, I think. I don’t expect anything grand, unless they spoof the ending of some other anime.

it runs in the family
one scene says it all

Working! 12, this. Just this. That is all.

So between this past weekend and this weekend coming up, most of Spring 10 will be over. Starting sometime in July will be Summer 10, and the pickings are pretty slim for me. As mentioned in a previous post, I am looking at Strike Witches 2, Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi (aka OokaShiNaka), Asobi ni Iku Yo, and Seitokai Yakuindomo. Nothing seems to be out for anything on AS at the moment, picking up what may be a couple previews for them off TT, but probably just gonna fly in blind as usual and hit or miss. As long as I have Pantsu Witches 2 though, it’ll do for the summer. Considering how the last couple seasons have been, holding out for something worth watching instead of skipping forward through episodes.

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