Taste the Cake

I have been slacking at watching any new anime lately, either from a lot of playing Borderlands/Torchlight/Altitude, or just plain lazy to sit and watch this shit. Nevertheless having lacked any real updates here in awhile, I can at least update this with Angel Beats and K-ON! as those are the two I’ve caught up on so far…

delete from angel_program
At least she's lucky Angel didn't program herself in Fortran

Angel Beats continues to roll with an episode that uncovers the past of the main character, which like most of the other members who have memories, it’s a sad one, except really he was on track to finally do something with his life after his sister and destiny has a cruel way of ending that. The last episode focuses on Angel and how someone misses the whole “she can duplicate herself” part of the program resulting in hundreds of Agent Smiths. Fortunately the brigade takes the hit so fearless leader and Otanashi can save the original Angel, except the clones have a different story planned. Shit be gettin’ real yo!

no, it's totally cool that someone is obsessing over you
The Wonderful World of Mio

K-ON! actually sang in an episode. I know! To think that Angel Beat’s GirlDeMo has already sang more concerts than Afternoon Tea Time is seriously crimping their tour here. In the last two episodes you are treated with Yui’s obsession with not letting her guitar get wet at the expense of her, and Mio’s fan club, which she of course likes and doesn’t like at the same time. (Still not tsundere, sorry kids) Of course, there was tea and cake, and Yui face.

I will attempt to get through the rest of my backlog this week, but work has been a bitch the past couple days, so we’ll see what I actually do. If you noticed the Summer 2010 post before, Strike Witches 2 comes out this summer, which will be fun. I actually enjoyed Witches mainly because I have a small interest in WWII fighter planes and the series drew some inspiration and even famous pilots to base the characters and mechs they use. Sure it will please the loli and furry fans, but they don’t have souls anyway. =)

Other considerations for this season are Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi… holy fuck I am not typing that again, you will now be called OokaShiNaka and this looks to be from the same folks who did Toradora, so it may be interesting. Another cat-type series this season also, Asobi ni Iku Yo which seems to combine cats with Niea_7. Finally there is Seibokai Yakuindomo which seems to be another school comedy of some sorts. Overall, as many commentors on Chartfag’s post pointed out, it’s a pretty bleak summer for anything but “Pantsu Witches” and sadly I have to concur. Perhaps I will use this chance to catch up on something from past seasons I missed, or Yumiero if anyone else picked that up to sub. As far as series continuing from this season, according to MAL the only two questionable are K-ON!! and Working! and I’m fairly certain K-ON!! will end at 12 or 13 so if anything carries over, it will be Working!

Hell, there is probably some /m/ series I haven’t seen. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen a /m/ series in awhile, or even gone to /m/. I have been slacking. Bet that Lacus tripfag is still there though.

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