Jefferson Cake Time

First off, having skip-skimmed through the 4 or 5 episodes I haven’t watched of B Gata H Kei I’ve found I am still generally uninterested in watching any of it, so I decided to drop it from this season. I like generic comedy sometimes, but Neko Overrun and Working! is doing a sufficient job of holding my attention span, BH is just silly

I should note I am in the process of downloading this week’s episodes, so the rundown below is last week’s.

Right then, on to it:

you probably should not piss off an employee with a sword
Such a sharp love triangle it is, and all Kyoko wants are parfeits.

Working! 06 and 07 covers the wonderful world of 4w1m families and how I’d want to kill myself if I were in that situation, as well as what happens when you fall for a con-artist girl and put her to work in the restaurant. Like I’ve said, this series pretty much highlights dysfunctionality in food service and it reminds me of my other job every day.

i like where this is going-- GIGGITY
for the girl who pleasures herself on the thought of the demon lord, this should just help, right?

Demon King 08 set up some sort of END BOSS in the beginning but didn’t elaborate any further, meanwhile the invisible stripper and Demon King spent most of the episode trading words back and forth while DK’s “Number One” and his new LEGENDARY HERO POWERS went and saved people and got to save his TV idol. Going to predict that he ends up being MID BOSS to DK probably before the aformentioned BIG BAD swoops down only to be blocked by LOLI COUNCIL PRES.


Mayoi Neko Overrun 07 in a strange twist, presented an entire episode featuring the characters in a spoof cross of GaoGaiGar and Godannar. There isn’t much to say except that it totally lacked COURAGE, HOT-BLOOD, and GUTS. There was plenty of female fanservice though.

SaiMoe 2010 is coming up in a couple months, as I recall preliminaries will be starting sooner with first round starting in early August. Series included should be Summer 2009 to Spring 2010, so about the only people from last year’s list of mine that will return this year will be the K-ON! Five. There will be plenty from this year though to vote for, though I imagine I will not get the chance to personally vote given last year’s trouble trying to vote in the 2ch threads even with proxies. My main goal this year though is to up my graphical charts and posters, they won’t be as awesome as the Anon who does but it’s still worth a shot.

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