Oh She Was Paralyzed Though

Couple of things to note before launching into yet another rendition of THIS WEEK IN YOUR GODDAMN WEEABOO, one is if you ever pay attention to that MAL thing on my sidebar, it now includes manga. Several people pointed to a site I had previously been unaware of and having many titles to choose from, I’m back to reading things I don’t have to buy, although I am seriously considering the e-reader option to shovel manga on to read away from the computer. Baka to Test manga also needs to be updated as I am finding it almost as good as the series. I also was reading through the Code Geass manga, which is also good, even if a bit different. Hoping by paying attention to this site I can catch some of the series that have been out recently, such as Saki and a few others.

Anyway, moving on:

It's always a matter of how big it is...

Demon Lord 10 was kind of confusing, at the end of 09, you saw some people, about to fight, right? At the beginning of 10, monsters were fucking everywhere and blond boy that you just fucking met something like two episodes ago and they didn’t even introduce him that well (remember I called him Mid-Boss) tries to take a swing and lands a hit before they run away. Sai gets his dragon on and AW SHIT SON, IT’S GONNA GET REAL starts happening between the Demon Lord, Junko and her sister, Hero boy, and Slutty McSlutinPurple and Keena. Oh and blond boy starts squaring off with a PUMPED THE FUCK UP school principal in some rip-off of whatshisname from Bleach. Yeah, I have no fucking clue what is going on at this point, something about Gods and Kenna being something like some sort of black-box Whispered-type and some other crazy shit. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the random fanservice and decent characters, this series would be about as useful as Kampfer was.

I still graduated though. Barely.
reminds me of my finals in high school

K-ON!! 09, I swear this season seems to be highlighting how incredible airheaded Yui is, not that season one didn’t do that either, but they kinda made her out to be the girl who learned how to play guitar despite managing how to tie her shoes and walk in a straight line. This week they show you how she can manage to take the final exams, and still practice for a talent show her neighbor invited her to participate in. Only instead of the usual squad of girls helping out our bumbling Yui, it’s Azunyan to the rescue, doing what she does best, straightening Yui out. Ah, the simple things in anime.

It's still on my list of things to have sex on top of

Mayoi Neko Overrun 09 finally dispenses with the crazy random episodes and puts us back into yet another trip where they go to a beach, do beach stuff, show off their swimsuits with loli flat-chest being the loudest and Otome’s coming undone, do more beach stuff, and then end up in another STRANDED WITH A GIRL scene between the two series mains, Takumi and Fumino. Of course before the other half of her tsundere personality can admit she likes the poor bastard, rich girl and the crew find them and spoil the party.

I swear lolcats will end up making it into an anime one of these days

Finally, Angel Beats 10 kicks off Otanashi’s mission of sending people to Heaven Mk. II starting with the annoying Yui who took over GirlDeMo after it’s previous lead sent herself to Heaven Mk. II earlier in the series. With the cute yet clumsy Tenshi, he manages to help Yui, who in her previous life was completely paralyzed from a car accident, do all of the things she had seen on TV while laying in bed, sports, wrestling, and music. Finally at the end, her last wish was to marry, and I have no idea how it ended, it seemed kinda forced, but I’m not certain where this series is going now that Tenshi is really not the enemy and Yuri has no idea what to do now. Frankly, are they ending this at 12/13 or is this going to 26 or second season?

Also, started watching a little bit of Hidamari Sketch, as I started downloading stuff from past seasons I overlooked. It seems a bit random, like Lucky Star meets Azumanga meets K-ON!! meets, oh, every other disjointed “slice-of-life” series. I kinda hate to use that term, people like to refer Azumanga to being the source of that, along with Seinfield in the US, but I tend to just think of it as “no-plot-no-worries” kind of anime, the stuff you don’t have to pay attention to closely, but is all good the same.

I need some new ringtones and notification sounds. Question is… what?

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