New season get, although only one of the shows I am following this season started this week. Later this week though, Pantsu Witches and whatever else I wrote down. First off, to close the last 13 ep series from spring…

sadly neither of us kids were short enough to pull this off when eating out
you must be this tall to ride this ride

Working! Finale consists of taking the fabled InamixTakanashi date and applying the twist of having him cross-dress anyway, bunch of other random things, blackballing Souma, and finally coming to the conclusion that Inami is a cute, mad dog. Wow. So glad we built up 13 episodes of random wacky hijinks to get to this point. Still, for all it’s worth, it was a short series about random weird people working in a restaurant, so really you get what you paid for. Hah ha, see what I did there? That was motherfucking classy.

Title: Working!!
Sub Group I Watched: FFFpeeps, Saitei
Episodes: 13
Rating (1-10): 7

My first thought was to say that I wanted to go to a water park. Then this came up. Suddenly I wasn't hungry.
What is this, I don't even?

K-ON!! 13 takes us into the mind of cute little Azu-nyan as she spends most of the episode dreaming about having fun, or awkward situations, while actually sleeping. When she finally does have fun with everyone, she can’t manage to figure out if it’s a dream or not. When I noticed they were running a full 26 episodes for this season, I wondered how they were going to do this, since they skip through time pretty quickly, then I realized that episodes like this will probably be this. Slightly disappoint.

Finally the first Summer 2010 series I’m tracking:

Paging Richard Kim to the comments section please, Mister Pocky to the comments section, thank you.
Blond? Check. Glasses? Check. Mad Scientist? Check. Cute? Check.

Ookamisan to Shichinin no Nakamatachi which will be referred to as OokaShiNaka in future posts and tagging because that is way too much for me to type or C/P constantly. The basic premise is a school club group called the Otogi Academy Student Mutual Assistance Association does odd jobs for whomever walks through the door, ranging from repelling stalkers, to making sure tennis stars don’t stop playing over injuries. Ookami Ryouko, a girl with fierce looks, who will probably end up being labeled a tsundere by the end of this series, is one of the forerunners in helping those who request the services of the club. Together with “Little Red Riding Hood” Akai Ringo and hyper-sensitive super-stalker Morino Ryoushi, with the rest of the OASMAA cast of strange fellows, they aim to “change the world” by actually doing something versus talking about it, like our President. Har har.

From the contents of the first episode, it has potential. I don’t want to line up the ducks however, because many series start out looking good and then they pull the plug on decent storytelling halfway through and give us drivel like Kampfer and Demon King. You’ll notice right off the bat that the narrator, who is providing somewhat amusing commentary and provoking the characters to break the fourth wall, is that of Arai Satomi, none other than Kuroko from Index/Railgun. Given it is JC Staff, nothing surprising. I expect this to be largely episodic given its premise, but we’ll see.

TL;DR: It’s a mean girl, a sneaky girl, and a self-conscious boy, doing strange things for strange people. Your mileage may vary.

Sub Group: Mazui
First Rating: 7

Still waiting for the final episode of Mayoi Neko Overrun, which will be the last 13 from this season with K-ON!! carrying over into this season. Pickings for this one are slim but it is summer, you probably should be outside anyway. Pantsu Witches will be enough for me, I actually like only having a few series to watch, lately I’ve been doing other things. Having just bought a new 42″ LCD TV however, I’m going to want to get a system with XBMC up to watch anime on it, no doubt.


  1. Some interesting shows no doubt. I’ve been so behind on what came out the past few years, the announcements at Anime Expo this year were sort of an personal E3 for me. Especially Index and Railgun being licensed as well as K-On!

    1. I’ll be interested slightly to see what they do for the dubbing on Index/Railgun, I especially liked Railgun and I’d be sad if they didn’t at least attempt to capture the voice talents that went into Misaka and Kuroko. K-ON! is moeblob, but it’s cute and I’m surprised they aren’t trying to make a Guitar Hero themed game in Japan with them.

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